Save Big After the Holidays With Clearance Sales

Clearance After Holidays

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Last updated on April 5, 2021

Clearance After Holidays

Money-saving sales allows you to stretch your family’s budget. You also feel great after scoring a deal. Throughout the year, save big during post-holiday sales when many stores offer clearance sales. Here is a list of what to stock up on after each major holiday.

New Year’s Day

It’s time to make resolutions for the new year and save big on discounted diet foods and fitness equipment. Find a variety of healthy meals and snacks on sale, and buy that treadmill you really want for your home gym.

Valentine’s Day

Post-Valentine’s Day sales are the time to stock up on brand name and specialty candies. Local grocery stores and drugstores are the perfect places to buy cheap candy. Additionally, buy discounted holiday cards now instead of paying full price next year.

President’s Day

Also in February, this holiday gives you discounts on appliances and other household goods. Take time this month to buy warm winter coats and winter clothing for next year.

Easter and Passover

The Easter bunny leaves behind deeply discounted egg coloring supplies, new baskets and other decor. Use his generosity to replenish your supply for next year.

Additionally, stock up on candy for barbecuing season or upcoming birthday parties. Kosher foods are also often on sale for Passover so stock up and save money.

Memorial Day

In celebration of National Grilling Month, head to the grocery store around Memorial Day. Find deep discounts on meats, marinades and charcoal for the grill. Your butcher may even add additional savings as a way to move inventory.

Fourth of July

Department stores use this holiday to mark the end of the summer clothing season. If you can, wait until July to stock your summer closet with the newest fashions and colors. You’ll see discounts on everything from swimwear to shorts.

Labor Day

As the kids head back to school, stock your home office with discounted supplies. Office stores like Staples offer inexpensive pencils, notebook, paper, computers and printers. If you don’t need any of those items, donate them to charity and receive a tax deduction.

Gardening supplies, outdoor furniture and grills are also on sale. Head to your local gardening center and restock mulch, replace worn patio chairs or upgrade your grill.

Bicycles and summer clothing are often on sale this month. Buy new bikes for your kids and hide them in the garage until Christmas while saving new shorts and shirts for summer next year.


At party supply and other stores, purchase girls and boys Halloween costumes after the holiday. You can usually save up to 75%.

You’ll also find great discounts on candy. Buy kinds that aren’t decorated for Halloween, and you’ll have Christmas stocking stuffers or holiday party favors.


Make the holiday easier next year with discounted pumpkin carving supplies. Seasonal candles and wreaths are also on sale.

For all your baking needs, stock up during holiday baking sales. Buy a discounted turkey, and freeze it until you’re in the mood for a mid-winter feast.


Use after Christmas sales to replace your worn out artificial tree, ornaments or decorations. If you need gift-wrapping supplies, visit the Dollar Store, and buy gift boxes, wrapping paper, bows and ribbons for pennies. Use those wrapping supplies throughout the year, and win best-wrapped present awards from your family and friends.

Post-holiday clearance sales stretch your budget. Use them to stock everything from food to flowers. With the money you save, prepare for the next post-holiday sale when you’re sure to find big savings.

Save Big After the Holidays With Clearance Sales

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