Shopping For Engagement Rings Is Harder Than You Think

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Last updated on April 9, 2021

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There's a lot to know before you choose engagement rings because they come in all kinds of styles, shapes, stones, and settings. Choosing the one that's just right for you is not going to be easy. When you walk into a jewelry store, you'll be confronted with so many engagement rings your mind will boggle with the shear amount of choices. Using the follow will help you narrow down the choices.

Engagement rings come in styles called settings. Settings are what holds the stone in place on the ring. There is the prong setting, which is the most popular because it sets the stone above the ring. It's good for solitaire engagement rings.

The bezel setting is the metal that is wrapped around part of the stone. The channel setting holds each stone as an individual. This type of setting protects the stone better than other settings. It's also used in eternity rings. The invisible setting is used for several stones including diamonds, opal, rubies, or sapphire in one setting. It's a popular style for princess cut diamonds. It stones are set right in place over the entire ring.

The pave setting is gaining in popularity because the ring is paved with stones such as Princes Diana's emerald engagement ring. It makes the stones show their unique sparkle. After you've looked at the setting, then it's time to look at the stones. Of course, the jewelry store will have some Whiteflash loose diamonds if you want to design your own engagement ring.

The type of stone you choose can be because of its color, style, or even the texture. Every gemstone has a meaning that has been passed down through the ages such as the diamond's meaning of innocence and permanence. That's why most engagement rings are diamonds. However, other stones are fast becoming popular as engagement rings. The sapphire means happiness and is the symbol of destiny. Many engagement rings use sapphire and diamonds for this reason. The emerald means faithfulness and hope, the ruby holds the power of friendship and love and has healing properties. One of the reasons it's used with diamonds as an engagement rings and the reason royalty like to wear them.

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