Smart Shopping: Six Things You Should Stop Buying in Bulk

Smart Shopping Six Things You Should Stop Buying in Bulk

Shopping for a family can be a full time job. Buying groceries at a warehouse club will save you time and money on certain items, and it is more environmentally friendly because there is less packaging waste and gas wasted on trips to the supermarket or retail store. However, not everything should be left to the warehouse to supply. Below explains why certain items should not be bought in bulk, and how you can learn to shop smarter.


Candy and junk food have extended expiration dates. However, buying in bulk naturally results in over consumption. So although you can save money on snacks, having more junk food sitting around the home will most likely result in overeating.

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Instead, put your health first and buy a sensible amount of healthy snacks every week. Limit yourself to only two or three kinds and only get them once a week.


Many shoppers buy spices in bulk because they are normally expensive. However, spices have a shelf life of less than one year. Most of us like the idea of cooking at home or experimenting with different cuisines. However, a little spice goes a long way. Bulk spices will harden and lose flavor and freshness after a year, so buying a little for a bit more can be worth the wasted money you might have with expired spices.

Canned Food

Warehouse clubs offer cases of canned goods for sale, but supermarket sales are actually cheaper. This is especially true when the supermarkets put their own store-brand canned goods on sale. Additionally, canned food is less healthy than fresh produce, and buying in bulk will result in higher consumption of processed canned foods instead of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fresh Produce

Not only is buying canned food in bulk unhealthy, but also fresh produce. This is because most produce travels between 1,000 to 2,000 miles to reach your local supermarket. Research shows that tomatoes typically travel over 1,300 miles, apples 1,500 miles, and grapes 2,000 miles. While most fruits and vegetables are carefully engineered and genetically modified to last longer, the end of their freshness is when they arrive at the supermarket. Try to only buy what you need in the right proportions.

Skincare Products 

The effectiveness of skincare products is normally three to six months. The effectiveness of these expensive items is closely matched to their expiration date as well. Therefore, shoppers should avoid buying these in bulk or at discount stores and instead purchase quality items through regular retail and department stores.


Many shoppers mistakenly assume they can get a deal buying clothing at wholesale or warehouse clubs. However, these clothes typically use cheaper, lower quality fabric. Inexpensive and high quality clothes can be purchased through discount department stores or online retailers. For example, certain online stores offer custom designed clothes, such as men’s long undershirts, that are better than traditional styles.

To recap, wholesale clubs offer certain shopping advantages. However, some items should not be bought in bulk, such as snacks, spices, canned food, and fresh produce. Skincare products and clothes are items that are best in smaller amounts. Use these tips to get a better deal and quality products that last you longer.

Six Things You Should Stop Buying in Bulk

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