Start Them Young: Teach Your Kids While Having Fun in the Backyard

Children in the garden watering the plants

Nowadays, greenhouses have grown in popularity as many people opt to grow their own food in their backyard. You can visit for all things greenhouses from the best brands to guidance on how and what to grow. Your backyard is a perfect place for your kids to learn as they have fun.

There are numerous things that you can teach your kids in the backyard as they have a good time. Here are some of them.

1. Learn about Flowers

You can teach your kids about the flowers in your backyard. Educate them about the types of flowers and their different parts. Let your kids feel the different flowers and see the different parts. You can dissect the flowers using scissors so that your kids learn about the different parts. In addition, you can teach your kids about the fragrance in different flowers and its importance.

2. Plant a Garden

You can plant a garden with your kids to add value to your outdoor living and life. Your kids will have something hands-on to do while learning and having fun. Decide on the best place to plant a garden that is easily accessible and gets enough sunshine. Together with the kids, decide on easy to grow plants such as tomatoes and potatoes. Determine who will perform different roles in the garden such as watering, weeding, and harvesting. Gather the tools required to plant the garden and get to work.

3. Classify Objects

Young children love organizing things and have a strong sense of order. Your backyard offers an opportunity for your child to hone these skills and practice classifying things as they have fun. You can ask your child to classify things in your backyard as either living or non-living. You can help him/her make a poster of the living and nonliving things. Get a big piece of paper and divide it into two columns, let your kid write down the living things in one column and the nonliving in another.

4. Backyard Rainbow Hunt

Teach your kids about colors in the backyard using plants, animals, and all things nature. Challenge your kids to get plants in different colors from the backyard. For example, you can ask your kids to get blue, yellow, white, or orange flowers. Also, you can ask them to collect petals to show colors on the rainbow.

5. Painting

Painting is fun for young children. You can bring an easel in your backyard and let your child paint the beauty of nature. Let them paint the things they see from grasshoppers to plants and rocks. They can also explore messier art such as finger painting and clay works without worrying about paint spilling on the couch. Painting fosters a child’s creativity and brings out the introspective part of a child’s personality.

If you are looking for novel ways to engage your kids in non-device-oriented activities, look no further than your backyard. Your backyard presents many learning activities for your kids as they have fun. Outdoor learning boosts kids’ creativity, curiosity, and imagination and allows them to fall in love with nature.

Image Source: Children in the garden watering the plants by Rawpixel / Shutterstock

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