The 5 Best Priced Telescopes

Ever wonder what's happening outside our little blue planet? Every day, people witness strange or spectacular events in the sky, from bright meteors burning up in our atmosphere to many glorious celestial bodies drifting across the sky. Telescopes help observe these incidents from afar, but not many get the chance due to limited resources. 


The best telescopes are often costly, especially when brand new. But that should not limit you. You can get a wide variety of affordable used telescopes online to match your situation. Below are the best-priced telescopes for all time.

1. Celestron Astromaster 114 Eq Telescope

If you're looking for power in a telescope, the Celestron Astromaster is a mighty telescope that combines user-friendliness and easy setup to satisfy amateur and professional astronomers. It's a one of a kind reflector telescope equipped with a mm coated mirror, two eyepieces, and two adjustment features for accurate precision. It's held in position by a tripod stand and an Equatorial mount to help the user point moving objects accurately. 

2. Zhumell 114 Tabletop Dobsonian

The Zhumell 114 Tabletop is a reflector telescope designed for both amateurs and professional astronomers. This telescope is equipped with a valuable 114 mm parabolic mirror that can prevent image distortion and deliver clear and sharp images. All its optical features are coated with Zhumell's reflective coating to cover every little detail, even in low light. It has an easy setup; something users find very useful because you can carry it anywhere.

3. Celestron Nexstar 8se Computerized Telescope

The Celestron NexStar is designed with cutting edge technology and the latest features in computerized telescopes. It comes with an 8-inch aperture that gathers enough light to generate excellent images. The telescope also features an automatic GoTo mount to help track and locate objects moving across the sky. 

One spectacular feature about this telescope is that it works fine with StarSense technology, SkyAlign, which keeps it in perfect alignment with whatever you're looking for. It's also easy to disassemble and assemble, thanks to the fork arm design. The whole structure doesn't bear too much weight, but for better stability, the developers recommended a steel tripod to hold it in place.

4. Meade Infinity 102 Telescope

The Meade Infinity 102 telescope is a must-have for beginners: a telescope that matches its value with quality. This refracting telescope is the perfect tool for the discovery of objects in the cosmos. It has an altazimuth mount, a 102 mm aperture, and three eyepieces for different magnification levels; low, medium, and high. It also has a slow-motion control to track objects drifting across the sky. Together, these features deliver precise imaging of the planets and the stars. 

5. Sky-Watcher Evostar ProED

If you're deeper into astronomy, the Sky-Watcher EvostarProED is designed with low dispersion optics to offer its users excellent performance. Its Metallic high-transmission coating eliminates problems associated with false-color from shining objects, making it the ideal telescope for bright stars and planets.

The interior of the tube is given a matte black finish to prevent image distortion from internal reflection. The telescope also has a dual-speed Crayford style focuser that uses roller bearings to smooth transition when tracking objects drifting across the sky. One of the most significant advantages of the Sky-Watcher Evostar ProED is that it requires fewer glass components, making it lighter and less delicate than most telescopes in the market. 

Get Used Telescopes and Save Some Extra Cash

As mentioned before, most telescopes are pricey, especially if they're new. The best alternative would be buying used telescopes, which you'll have to source from a trustworthy supplier. And that's where Shopping Kim comes in. At, everyone is entitled to a wide array of affordable telescopes. 

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Best Priced Telescopes

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