The Modern Home Keeps Up With The Jetsons

the jetsons

The Jetsons was a 1962 cartoon (that has constantly run in syndication ever since) based on a family of four set in the future. The family lived in Orbit City, which the Jetsons seemingly lived in what was “a floating” luxury apartment that was adjustable in height, they “drove” a flying car, flew around with jetpacks, had a robot named Rosey as a housekeeper and with any and every advanced technological device in the home anyone could imagine.

In pure amusement, we all watched in awe as the cartoon son Elroy and his friends watched TV on their wrists (think Apple Watch). As we all were entertained by the futuristic cartoon, when we look around, all of the technology in the show no longer seems to be as farfetched as it once felt!

Technology is continuously moving forward at an accelerated rate and can be seen in every part of our lives, especially at home. As we seemingly sift through the years, it’s easy to feel undereducated on the new technological advances happening all around us. Below is our list of life-altering tech gadgets for your home that combines sleek design with our tech-savvy lifestyle.

1. The Smart Doorbell.

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is on all of the of the “top best lists” for smart doorbells because of its reasonable price point, features and it being user-friendly. The features include motion-activated alerts, 1080HD video (and video recording) and two-way talk. You can do all of this via Wi-Fi or your phone via cellular connectivity, from anywhere on the planet, or where there is cell phone service.

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2. Robot Vacuum.

Considered the Rolls Royce of robot vacuums, the iRobot Roomba 960 is said to be in a class and price point of its own. The Roomba 960 connects over Wi-Fi and using the iRobot Home app, you can control it with your smartphone. Best on wood floors, this cordless, bagless cleaning machine even has a side brush to sweeps walls, baseboards, and furniture legs.

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3. The Smart Refrigerator.

The Samsung Four-Door Refrigerator with Wi-Fi Enabled LCD. Samsung’s smart fridge with its sleek-design, has a ton of features which include built-in WiFi and an integrated LCD touchscreen that allows you to input a grocery list, internet browsing and even social media capability!

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4. The Belkin Crock Pot WeMo Slow Cooker.

Everyone knows that during the winter, make it all year round you can take the stress off cooking dinner by pulling out your trusty, hands-free cooking crock pot. Now, you can connect the Belkin crock pot to your smartphone and turn it on, adjust the temperature up or down, shorten or lengthen the cooking time and even turn it off from anywhere that has a WiFi connection. Now that is what you call cooking on demand.

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Our home is a place where we retire to escape the outside world and now with all of the modern conveniences, we almost don’t want to leave! Be sure to check out the latest smartwatches, such as a Waterproof smartwatch by Hereon, that can sync to any number of the updated tech gadgets for your home.

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