Tips on How to Choose a Bike

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Tips on How to Choose a Bike

You will choose a specific type of bike based on your needs. If you are a professional (or casual) athlete, you’ll probably opt for a racing bike. If you need a two-wheeler to pedal around town, it can go either way – from sport bikes with good speed control to vintage-looking bicycles that encourage the upright position and which are both light and easy to handle. If you are interested to find out more about your options, read on for tips on how to choose a bike.

Learn what you need

The first thing you need to do is to learn exactly what kind of ride you need. This is a crucial step because the bike you have imagined does not necessarily correlate with what you need. You can start off your browsing by finding the nearest bike shop in your area and having a serious discussion with the retailer about your preferences and needs. Most of them have already sold a bunch of bikes and they will gladly offer you valuable suggestions.

Know the broad strokes of bike types

Thankfully, technology has graced us with personal computers, or at least touchscreen phones with internet access, so all the information you need is at the tip of your fingers. All you need to do is type “bike types” into your browser and take no more than ten minutes out of your day to get a rough idea of what your choices are.

Standard bikes are your old-fashioned two wheelers with basic features. They usually do not come with more speed mods and are built with coaster brakes. Essentially, they are amazing for casual rides through city and suburban environments and their appearance can vary greatly. If you want a fully customized bike with a distinctive look, standard bike is a good framework.

Next, you have road bikes, which are more heavy-duty than standard rides. They are usually elegant in design and they are good for long rides on pavement. This is why they are also known as touring bikes – a subtype which is crafted to sustain heavy loads, and the seats are made to be very comfortable. Drop handlebars mean you’ll ride it in the upright position.

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BMX bikes are low and they come with signature big tires. They are very specific sport bikes for courses and pavement. Mountain bikes, as their name suggests, are the “big brother” of BMX bikes with their knobby tires. They are made for the rough terrain and steep slopes; however, they are popular among all bike riders due to their versatility.

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Now that you have some basic knowledge, it is very important to tie the idea to the appearance, so search for photos online or head directly to the bike shop and see examples of each type. 

What is the level of comfort you need?

The ideal bike unites two important features and these are comfort and control. However, no matter how comfortable the seat appears to be, no matter how smoothly the bike runs, you have to feel as if you are in absolute control of the movement. Furthermore, some people choose to purchase cutting-edge electric bikes for maximum comfort. They come with a modified electric motor, which will not work unless you spin the pedals, but you can trade off the speed for a comfortable ride without much exasperation.

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Find out the correlation between features and pricing

The price of the bike depends heavily on the materials used to produce them. However, it is safe to say standard bikes are usually the cheapest because they do not come with a lot of features, and this is where the price tag can really soar – with each extra feature, the bill gets heftier. Think about accessories, gears, features like baskets and baby seats before you choose a bike, and you will not make any beginner’s mistakes.

Additionally, if you plan to use the bike every day, you should probably purchase the more expensive bike that is made from high-quality and sturdy materials. It can be a surprisingly sizeable investment, but it’s not hard to see why it’s a good option – in the long run, you’ll spend less money on repairs or, god forbid, a new bike. Two or three cheap bikes will amount to a bigger price in the same timeframe an expensive, sturdier bike will still be viable.

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In the end, do not forget a very important practical step – if you are allowed, do a test ride of several bikes, preferably different types. This way, you’ll get a true grasp of heftiness and comfort the bike can offer. If you get a chance, you can ask someone from your family or a neighbor to borrow their bike for a spin. Unless you put your own foot to the pedal, you will never really find out what sort of bike you truly want.

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