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Updating a Bathroom on a Budget

Updating a Bathroom on a Budget

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If you’re looking to update your bathroom, but don’t have lots of money to spend, fear not! This guide will help you figure out how to update your bathroom on a budget so that you can get the new look you want without spending too much money. With these great bathroom decorating ideas on a budget, you’ll be able to freshen up your space and feel good about how much you spent! Check out this article to get started.

Shower and Bath Update

Looking for shower over bath ideas to freshen your existing bath or shower, try starting with an easy update: new fixtures. New accessories (like updated faucets and new handles) can make a big difference and are generally affordable. If you want to paint your bathroom, experts suggest using two colors instead of one bold color. For example, if you were to go from black to white, try putting white walls with black trim; it’s less risky than doing all-white or all-black. Finally, towels always make great additions—soften them up with bleach if needed. A soft cotton hand towel is also key for drying off after stepping out of the shower! These are just some quick tips for updating an old bathroom on a budget; there are lots more great ideas available online! Good luck!

Tile, Tub & Shower

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Most bathrooms aren’t more than three years old, so if yours is feeling dated, chances are it’s not actually broken or dirty. Instead of gutting your bathroom and starting from scratch, consider updating one small element at a time: perhaps paint over moulding or replace a light fixture first. After you get an up-close look at what really needs to be done, you can decide whether it makes sense to hire out some of the work (such as installing tile), or if you’re more comfortable tackling these jobs yourself. Many people choose to DIY when updating their bathroom in order to save money and because they enjoy hands-on projects.

Painting & Wallpaper

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The easiest way to make an old bathroom look new is by painting or wallpapering. If you’re hoping to save money, start with just one wall or area in your bathroom that needs updating and do that first—then see how much you like it. If you love it, continue! If not, well at least you know what works and what doesn’t. If you have time to spare and want to dive in head-first, try out these five low-cost ways to update your bathroom.


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One of the easiest ways to give your bathroom an update is by changing out light fixtures. Take note of how you’re using your bathroom, though. Do you prefer reading in there? Are you frequently looking up at something? That will help you determine whether traditional lighting (lamps with shades), pendant lighting, or hanging sconces are best for you. Be sure to choose lights that match any decorating motifs you may have going (think: faux-tin ceiling bathroom tiles or marble countertops).

Sinks, Toilets & Faucets

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If you are looking to update your bathroom and have a little cash to spend, it’s time to look at sinks, toilets and faucets. These are three of most important features in any bathroom and many older bathrooms have fixtures that date back decades. Replacing these with shiny new ones can give your bathroom instant curb appeal. However, if your budget is limited (or nonexistent), simply painting them or using some creative decals can really make an old sink or toilet look new again. To get started on any of these projects, you’ll want to measure your old fixtures for sizing purposes first. Then head over to Lowes or Home Depot to pick up replacements that match your existing style—and feel free to ask an associate for help if needed!


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If you’re looking to spruce up your bathroom without spending too much, replacing your flooring can be an easy way to do it. Don’t worry about spending hundreds of dollars—or even thousands—on new flooring, either. You can update that outdated or worn tile for as little as $15 per square foot at most home improvement stores. The change is dramatic and not only will you have spent very little, but you’ll also be able to say that your own hard work contributed to the appearance of your bathroom! If you’re going with carpeted floors instead of tiled ones, make sure that you get some padding for underneath them.

Curtain Rods & Hardware

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Curtain rods and hardware are fairly inexpensive, yet they can make an old bathroom look new. Take down your old rod and replace it with one that better suits your needs. You don’t have to replace your entire hardware package—you can change just one part for an easy update. (See what we did there?) The same goes for light fixtures: Just replace one of them to give yourself some extra light in that dingy bathroom!

Vanities and Cabinets

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You can update and renovate your bathroom for as little as £300. Start by picking up some new vanities and cabinets; fresh cabinets will give your bathroom an instant facelift, especially if you paint them white or another bright color. If you want to add a splash of color to your bathroom, think about installing colored countertops or floors that are affordable and easy to install yourself.

Functionality and Storage Options

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The first thing you need to do when updating a bathroom is assess what you have to work with in terms of storage and functionality. If you don’t like your vanity or cabinet, try changing it. If it’s too big or small, consider buying new cabinets that fit your needs better. If you want an over-the-toilet storage option, buy some shelves from Ikea and install them yourself; it’s an easy way to make space for towels, hair dryers and even makeup. To save money, look for bathroom accessories at thrift stores, flea markets or garage sales–you’ll probably find something just as good as (or better than) new stuff.

Add a Pop of Color With Accessories

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The easiest and fastest way to update your bathroom is by adding accessories. Grab some towels in an unexpected color, add decorative shower curtains or hand towels, or buy a new towel rack. For example, throw pillows are an easy way to add color and pattern to plain white walls. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can change up light fixtures or switch out hardware—it’s amazing how much new knobs can liven up old cabinets! If there are any holes in your walls from removing hooks or plates, patch them up with some drywall compound.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.