Water Filters: The Many Ways To Purify Your Water

A water filter is fitted to your water supply in order to remove chemicals, bacteria, and debris. But, not all water filters look the same or act the same!


It’s time to take a look at the different types of water filters you can buy, ideally, you should use a reputable supplier such as filtap.com.au. It's also worth looking at the ones you can use when you’re in the wilderness and have no other option.


This is the most common home water filter system. Carbon is very good at absorbing chemicals, effectively removing odors from the water, and improving the taste. In the process chemicals, such as chlorine, are removed. These have been linked to health issues.

Oxygen is passed over the carbon to increase its surface area, making it more effective at capturing chemicals in the water supply.

UV Filters

UV filter uses ultraviolet light to kill bacteria in the water. This is the same light that the sun gives off, but focused on the water. It is very effective and does no harm to your health.

Alkaline Ionizer

You can also call this electrolysis. Water is passed over an electrically charged plate. This creates two streams of water, the alkaline one is directed to your tap. This gives you softer water which is better for your skin and your appliances.


This is also part of the sun’s light range. It has been shown to be effective at softening water, although it doesn’t remove any bacteria or chemicals.

Reverse Osmosis

This is a viable alternative to the carbon filter. It removes a wide range of contaminants and improves the flavor of the water by removing odors. This is a relatively complicated process, but extremely effective.

When in the wilderness, you can try these techniques:


A filter can be made from the funnel of a bottle. You’ll need some charcoal in the bottom and sand on top. The sand will catch the debris while the charcoal is surprisingly effective at removing most other contaminants.

However, this will not remove bacteria.


The best way to kill bacteria is simply to boil the water. This means bringing t to the boil and letting it bubble for 5-10 minutes. You can let it cool before drinking if you wish.


You can purchase chlorine drops and carry them with you. Just put a couple of drops in a liter of water and wait 30minutes for it to kill the bacteria.

Don’t put too much chlorine in as it is a poison.


You normally buy this in tablet form. Simply drop one tablet into your water and wait 30 minutes; then it is safe to drink. These tablets are exceptionally easy to carry with you and could save your life.

UV Light

You may not have a UV filter to hand but you can hang a bottle of water in direct sunlight and leave it for a few hours. It will work the same way as a filter.

You can even purchase a torch that uses ultraviolet light, shine this on the water, moving slowly around the contents for several minutes. It should then be safe to drink!

There are many different types of water filter, you just need to pick the one that matches your resources and needs.

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