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Ways To Update Your Home and Save Money

Ways To Update Your Home and Save Money

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We often move into our homes and then become content with how things are. Over time, we begin to realize that some updates and redecorating are necessary to stay in style and just for the general upkeep of the home. How exactly can homeowners stay in the loop and update their houses? Can updates be achieved on a budget?

Where Can Homeowners Obtain Ideas For Updating and Decorating?

  • Design websites such as Pinterest
  • Home design magazines
  • Home shows at convention centers
  • Renovation shows

Decorating a home and making updates can seem a bit overwhelming, but when you search for inspiration in the right places, you can begin to see a plan form. Before you jump directly into the redecorating process make sure you make a binder and keep notes in it. It is easy to merge styles that you like that could bring your home's decor up to date. Keeping notes and inspirational pictures will keep you on track for what you like. 

If you purchase home design magazines, you can simply remove the page with the style that you like and incorporate it into your binder. Pinterest allows you to easily pin ideas that you like into a folder specifically for each of your design plans. You can also find inspiration at home design conventions. These often showcase new trends as well as brands that you may want to look into.

What Are Some Styles That Are Trendy Right Now?

Farmhouse ideas and bright colors are on-trend right now. Wall colors are neutral in tones of grays and beige to allow for lots of accent colors. Many kitchens are also experiencing these muted colors by incorporating white or gray cabinetry with white subway tile backsplashes. 

gray sliding barn door in bathroom

Clean lines and natural touches finish kitchens and bathrooms. Natural elements such as plants and succulents are brought into the kitchens and bathrooms to bring fresh green hues and comforting enhancements. Standard builder stock doors are being replaced with barn doors. Interior barn door hardware makes these doors more rustic with simplistic closing mechanisms.

Incorporating Bold Colors

When it comes to incorporating bold colors, minimizing items is key. Neutral is everywhere right now, combined with rustic barn doors and lanterns to bring some farm touches indoors. A lot of homes are also incorporating buffalo plaid as the textile for throw blankets or throw pillows. Each room should have some bold colors to catch the eye and make the space more interesting. 

You can also carry these techniques outdoors and add lanterns, comfortable throw pillows, and rustic touches all around your patio design.

Items That Allow For a Pop Of Color

  • Bright mixers to be displayed on a kitchen countertop
  • A bowl of fresh fruit as a centerpiece on a kitchen table
  • A bright-colored table runner on any table in the home
  • Colorful throw blankets and pillows on couches and chairs
  • Colored lanterns as centerpieces or accent pieces on hearths
  • Colorful accent rugs

One of the most budget-friendly designs that a homeowner can carry through the home is a neutral theme. By sticking to a neutral color pallet, you will not need to hire costly painters time and time again as paint color trends change. Once bright red accent walls were fashionable and now they are being dulled down to neutrals with interesting artwork displayed instead. Painters are costly and making these dramatic changes are time-consuming and not budget-friendly. Sticking to neutrals allows for simple changes such as throw blankets, centerpieces, or throw pillows to really make a space more modern and trendy. Hardware on cabinets is also relatively easy and low cost to switch out.

Save Money and Do Some Updates Yourself

No matter what design plan a homeowner decides to follow, one thing is sure, DIY jobs will save money. If you are handy, you will be able to do some of the work yourself and eliminate the need for professionals to come in. Updating paint is easy unless you require scaffolding. Updating tile is a great way to make a space feel trendy. If you know how to install tile, you will save quite a bit of money. It is also beneficial to do your own landscaping to spruce up your outdoor entertaining space.

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