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What is Acima? What You Can Buy With Lease-to-Loan Financing

What is Acima? What You Can Buy With Lease-to-Loan Financing

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Waiting to buy that dream item but worried about money? Check out shopping with Acima, a lease-to-own program that won’t break your bank.

What is Acima?

Acima Credit is a program that specializes in lease-to-own financing. The best part is, no credit is required!

How does Acima credit work?

With only five steps, you can get closer to shopping with Acima.

  1. Acima credit lets you choose items from around 15,000 stores. Start by searching for the store you want on their site or heading to the location in person.
  2. Next, fill out the Acima credit application to wait for your approval.
    To be approved for Acima credit, you must have three of the following:
    1. Active checking account with at least $1,000 income every month.
    2. Three months of an income history with your current source of income.
    3. A government-issued photo ID and social security number or taxpayer-identification number.
  3. If you’re approved, you’ll be given a specific dollar lease amount. Choose the items you want online or in person, and Acima will then buy the purchase and lease it to you.
  4. When heading to checkout, you’ll sign an agreement and make an initial lease payment. From there, you’ll set up a payment schedule based on your flexibility.
  5. Once you make the required number of lease renewal payments listed in your agreement, the item will be yours to own.

What are the benefits of lease-to-own with Acima?

Lease to own with Acima allows you to shop for everything you want without credit.

While other programs offer layaway options, those programs usually won’t give you the product before paying it off. With Acima, you can immediately access the product while you make renewal payments under your own schedule. 

Simultaneously, if there’s any time you decide to stop making payments, you can cancel the program and return the items in good condition. 

Best merchandise to buy with Acima

There are several stores that accept Acima credit when you shop. You can either buy a seasonal couch at Affordable Home Furniture or a comfy mattress at Mattress Savy. If you need new tires, head to Simple Tire to purchase wheels and commercial tires. Update your car radio at Audio Maxx or grab some bunk beds for your kids at Kids Furniture Warehouse. The options are endless!

Acima Reviews

Customers have shared their pleasant experiences using Acima on Google.

One Google reviewer says that they bought a new sofa set and fridge with Acima, and it was an “easy process. Took our brand new couches and our brand new refrigerator home with just $50 each time.”

Another reviewer on Google praises the flexible credit process when purchasing gold bottom grills, “So glad I did! I love them!” the reviewer says. “I found out when you pay on time you build your credit! I need that!”

A Google reviewer only had good things to share about Acima credit, saying, “Acima has been very helpful twice now, a very good way to get something you need quickly and help your credit rating.”

What are you waiting for? Try lease-to-own with Acima today!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.