Online Stores That Accept Acima Credit To Buy Now, Pay Later

No Credit Needed Buy what you need, when you need it. We'll give you the time to pay.

No credit is needed with Acima Credit. Buy what you need when you need it up to $5000, and they’ll give you 12 months to pay it off with flexible payment options (weekly, bi-weekly, twice monthly or monthly). They even offer a 25% off early payoff discount.

  • No Credit Scores
  • Instant Approvals
  • Easy Payment Options

Here is the list of online stores that accept Acima Credit for payment to buy now and pay later:

  1. A Better Home Store
  2. Affordbale Home Furniture
  3. Alyssa’s
  4. Audio Maxx
  5. CB Furniture
  6. Kids Furniture Warehouse
  7. Mattress Savvy
  8. Modern Tire Dealer
  9. Perfection Wheels
  10. SpeedZoneWeb
  11. Tire Town
  12. Truck Wheel Outlet
  13. Welch’s Furniture
  14. Wheel & Tire Connection


Acima Credit was formerly known as Simple Finance and is known as a lease-to-purchase specialist. If you do not qualify for Acima Credit, we suggest checking out Affirm, Klarna, Bread and/or Zibby. Or apply for a personal loan to spend on anything you want at anywhere you choose. 

Are we missing any Acima Credit stores? Leave a comment, and we will update the list as we learn of more stores that accept Acima Finance for payment. If you are a merchant that would like to be added to our list of stores for free, please contact us.

Online Stores That Accept Acima Credit To Buy Now, Pay Later

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