Zibby Rent to Own

Zibby is a new lease-to-own payment option that offers alternative financing for people with low or no FICO scores. Rent to own furniture, appliances, electronics and other essentials with no credit required. Get pre-approved for up to $3,5000 credit in 30 seconds. Each month, you can choose to make your payment, buyout your items for the same cash price or return them.

Here is the list of online stores that accept Zibby for payment to rent to own (our recommend Zibby stores are bolded):

Are we missing any Zibby stores? Leave a comment, and we will update the list as we learn of more stores that accept Zibby for payment. If you are a merchant that would like to be added or recommended, please contact us. List last updated 11/27/17.

Online Stores that Accept Zibby for Payment to Rent To Own