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Your Ultimate Guide to Katapult (a.k.a. Zibby)

Your Ultimate Guide to Katapult (a.k.a. Zibby)

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Not sure what lease-to-own means, or when you’d use it? Discover what makes Katapult so great.

Does this scenario sound familiar? There’s a purchase you want to make, but it’s just out of reach—so you have to decide between getting a new mattress or that home office setup you desperately need and running the risk of overextending your credit.

Enter Katapult: The lease-to-own payment option formerly known as Zibby.

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How Katapult Works

Katapult has partnered with buy now, pay later, service Affirm’s Affirm Connect Platform. Shoppers who aren’t approved to make a purchase with Affirm are automatically evaluated for Katapult at checkout. You’ll know right away if you qualify so you start spreading out your payments.

Katapult helps you set up a recurring payment plan for those larger-than-average purchases you’d usually need to save up for. And every time you make a payment, you have the option to continue leasing the item, buy out the item, or return it if it’s not working. So if you have a sudden influx of cash or discover that the item you coveted actually isn’t a good fit, you have the flexibility to make a change.

Like buy now, pay later plans, Katapult gives you more control over your purchases. You can immediately start using an item that might otherwise be out of your price range without racking up credit card debt. But unlike Affirm, Klarna, and Afterpay, you’re not purchasing the item—you’re leasing it. Which means you’re not on the hook for future payments if you decide it’s not right for you. At the same time, it also means that you can’t return the item and get back the money you’ve already paid.

Here Are Three Great Reasons to Love Katapult

1. You can get what you need right away.

The traditional way to make a bigger-than-average purchase is to wait until you have enough cash on-hand. But sometimes, waiting isn’t a realistic option. Like when your in-laws are visiting and you don’t have a mattress—or a bed—to put them on. You can’t exactly hand your mother- and father-in-law a sleeping bag or ask them to put off their visit until you’ve had time to save up for a guest room suite. Which means you have to borrow on credit—or try something new. With Katapult, you can lease the items you need right away without relying on credit. So you can welcome your in-laws without having to worry about where to put them or what will become of your credit score.

2. You can change your mind.

Sometimes, you know something is just perfect for you…until it arrives and it isn’t right for your space or you realize that your style isn’t shabby-chic so much as it is modern farmhouse. Other times, there are purchases that you really need to test out before you commit—like that couch you’ve been eyeing or the espresso maker you want to learn how to use. With Katapult, you can give yourself a few payment cycles to decide if you want to make a permanent commitment. If not, you can decide to stop leasing an item, at which point you’ll no longer be on the hook for future payments.

3. You want to upgrade responsibly.

Leasing is a great idea if you think it’s worth it to invest in a higher-quality item than you wouldn’t usually be able to afford upfront either because it will work better or last longer. You can make a purchase that’s top-of-the-line and work your way towards paying it off through your Katapult payment program. You might even save money in the long run if it’s an item you’d get years more use out of than a less expensive version.

Not Sure What to Buy With Katapult? Here Are a Few Great Ideas:

Home Goods

It’s always hard to tell if a piece of furniture is the right fit until you see it in your space.


Do you prefer firm or medium-firm? Katapult is a great way to find out without having to pay for your mattress upfront.

Electronics and Appliances

You can invest in higher-quality appliances that will last longer than what might otherwise be in your price range.

Stores that Accept Katapult for Lease to Own

Tip! If you don't see Katapult as an option at checkout simply choose Affirm and Katapult will appear as an alternative lease to own payment option.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.