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Abunda vs Affirm: Which is the Better BNPL to Buy from Amazon?

Abunda vs Affirm: Which is the Better BNPL to Buy from Amazon?

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Amazon is the king of all platforms when it comes to buying things you need and maybe even things you don’t. For smaller items, it can be a simple decision to click ‘buy’ and have it at your doorstep in as little as a day. Other products, though, are more expensive and take some decision making to see if they fit in your budget. 

Fortunately, Amazon buy now pay later options are plentiful.

The largest debate when shopping on Amazon is between Abunda vs. Affirm. Which is the better platform to buy the products you need?

How to Buy Now Pay Later on Amazon Using Affirm

The Affirm Amazon partnership is great for people who are used to Affirm, but it may not look the way you’re used to.

Affirm doesn’t offer the pay in 4 installments option on Amazon. All purchases have different terms, but the interest rates range from 10% – 30%, and terms go as long as 48 months versus 6 – 8 weeks like a typical Affirm purchase.

You may have to make a down payment at checkout, it depends on the size of your order and what you qualify for when you apply. Your payments start once the last item is shipped or 120 days, whichever occurs first.

Can I use Afterpay On Amazon? 

At this time Amazon only has a Buy Now Pay Later partnership with Affirm, so no you cannot use Afterpay on Amazon directly. You can however purchase your Amazon orders on Abunda and use Afterpay as the Buy Now Pay Later method of choice. Find out how Abunda works with all major Buy Now Pay Later services to allow you to shop Amazon easily in our guide to Abunda here. 

Here’s How Affirm Works on Amazon Purchases:

  • You fill up your cart with Affirm eligible products
  • Head to the checkout
  • If Affirm is an option, you’ll see it as a payment choice
  • Choose your desired payment option (you may have several)
  • Receive your products
  • Make your payments starting after the last product ships or 120 days, whichever comes first

Does Using Affirm on Amazon Impact My Credit Score? 

Checking your eligibility with Affirm doesn’t affect your credit score. However, if you accept the terms and take the loan, Affirm will report any payments you don’t make to the credit bureaus, so it could hurt your credit score if you don’t make your payments on time.

Can I Buy Anything on Amazon Using Affirm?

For the most part, you can buy anything on Amazon using Affirm, but there are some exceptions. For starters, your order must total $50, or you can’t use Affirm. 

You cannot, however, use Affirm on any products sold through Whole Foods or Amazon Fresh. You also cannot use it on Kindle books, digital orders, or gift cards.

Online Stores That Accept Affirm To Buy Now, Pay Later

Am I Charged Fees or Interest When Paying With Affirm on Amazon?

There are never any fees or hidden surprises. You may pay interest on your purchase, though. It depends on the total, length of the term, and your qualifying factors. Interest rates range from 10% – 30% and vary by applicant.

Why Abunda Is Better to Buy Now Pay Later Amazon Products

Abunda vs Affirm is a common debate when shopping on Amazon. Affirm as we noted above, charges interest on every purchase and you can’t use it on everything on Amazon. You also aren’t getting the traditional pay in 4 installment loans most people think of with Affirm.

So Why Is Abunda Better?

Here are a few key reasons.

  • You can finance all Amazon products. Unlike Affirm, Abunda allows you to finance any product on Amazon with no limitations.
  • You can finance any size order, including those under $50. Affirm only works on orders over $50.
  • Abunda works with most major BNPL programs, so if you don’t qualify for one program, you may qualify for another including Afterpay, Sezzle and Klarna. 
  • You may qualify for the traditional pay-in-4 interest-free payments which can save you a lot of money versus Affirm’s 10% – 30% interest rates.
  • Abunda offers free shipping and 30-day returns.

Click here to learn more about Stores that accept Amazon Pay

Features the Amazon Buy Now Pay Later Platforms Have in Common

When looking at Abunda vs Affirm, they have many differences, but there are some commonalities you should know about too.

  • Applying for Abunda or Affirm on Amazon doesn’t hurt your credit score. You can see if you qualify and if you like the terms. Whether or not you take the loan, it doesn’t hurt your credit score.
  • You select a payment plan at checkout. The only difference with Abunda is you check out in Abunda and with Affirm you check out in Amazon. You’ll see your options at checkout though to make it easier to decide.
  • You receive your products right away. Unlike layaway, you don’t have to wait for your products. In fact, you receive your products sometimes even before you make a payment. It depends on the program you qualify for.
  • You can finance your entire order. You don’t have to use either program on one product. If you have multiple products, you may still qualify. With Affirm, you can choose longer terms the higher the cost of your cart, though.

If you're also curious about the buy now, pay later options at Walmart, delve into our companion article, “Walmart Buy Now, Pay Later: A Comprehensive Guide to Flexible Payment Options,” for insights into the diverse payment plans available at the retail giant.

Final Thoughts – Abunda vs Affirm

So which platform should you choose when deciding between Abunda vs Affirm?

It depends on your needs. Abunda is a great platform that makes it easy to get many payment options including pay-in-4 loans. If you just want a little more time to pay for your purchase, Abunda is a great way to get your products in the same timeframe as Amazon would send them, but without paying full price upfront.

Affirm is more of a loan with interest and long terms. You can finance your purchase up to 48 months, which is 4 years. That’s a lot of interest and payments made, versus no interest or fee financing from Abunda.

Think about what you want out of your financing program and the real reason you're trying to buy now, pay later. Abunda is a great way to get what you need now and spread the payments out over a little time so you can have your cake and eat it too, so to speak.

Looking for more options of Buy Now Pay Later stores, read our guide here. 

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Thursday 31st of March 2022

I meant to say Abunda sorry


Thursday 31st of March 2022

I've never seen this Abundance and I buy alot from Amazon and use affirm

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