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Best Registry Sites: From Wedding To Honeymoon And Baby

Best Registry Sites: From Wedding To Honeymoon And Baby

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When you’re getting married, going on your honeymoon, or having a baby, you want to choose a registry site that offers the products you need at prices that your friends and family can afford. There are so many choices it can feel overwhelming knowing which one to pick, which is why we’ve done the hard work for you and found the best registry sites for each of your momentous occasions.

To reach our decision, we used four main guidelines: variety, quality, price, and value of the products offered. The winners had to have many products at different price points.

They also needed to be high-quality and deliver value to you and the purchaser. Below is the list of the winning sites that met every criterion mentioned.

So, without further adieu, here is our pick for the best registry sites: from wedding to honeymoon and baby!

Universal – All In One Gift Registry Retail Sites

Best Universal Registry: Amazon

Amazon is our choice for the best universal registry for its wide range of products for every stage of life. It offers everything you need for your wedding registry, from home decor, kitchen appliances, furniture, bedding, and more.

Amazon features a two-step process for creating your registry that is easy to use and saves time.

  1. Simply create a custom gift list and add your items to it. It’s even universal – add items from other websites with the universal button.
  2.  You can then share your list with family and friends, who can scroll through it and make their purchases, which are then delivered straight to your door.

The Amazon registry also features a 90-day return window, so you have plenty of time to ensure each gift is precisely what you want. In addition, Amazon creates a thank you list for every product purchased, making sending thank you cards simple!

Finally, the ease of use for those purchasing your items through Amazon Prime clinches Amazon spot as the ultimate all-in-one registry site. You can also create specific registries on Amazon just for your wedding to your new baby needs including  Amazon gift cards.


Best Wedding Registry Sites

Tied – The Knot & Wedding Wire

The Knot

The Knot is our tied #1 choice for the best wedding registry site, and it earns its place for good reasons.

With the Knot, you can import and manage registries from multiple retailers making it easy for guests to access them from one central site. You can also set up a registry for cash funds which you can use for the honeymoon, towards household purchases, or anything you want or need. Since The Knot isn’t only a registry site, you can set up a free wedding website, where you can share the details and updates on your wedding and link your registries for ease of access.

The site allows you to search for gifts by category, which is an easy way for you and your fiancé to search for needed items from thousands of brand-name products with free shipping and returns in every budget.

You can track the gifts your guest purchases, send out thank you’s, and stay organized. The best part is it’s completely free to use, which is a relief since weddings are costly!

Wedding Wire

Wedding Wire is your one-stop site for accessing all the major retail brands to add to your wedding registry. It streamlines the process, walking you through every step, from teaching you how to create the perfect wedding registry and understanding proper etiquette to know which retail stores are right for you and your fiancé.

With Wedding Wire, you can add your registry directly to your wedding website, making it easier for your others to access it, and import existing registries you’ve created, helping you keep everything organized.

For its ease of use and ability to access many retail store registries simultaneously, Wedding Wire earns its spot, tied as the best wedding registry site. You can edit and update your registry through the retailer’s website, and it will update on Wedding Wire in real-time, so you never have to worry about guests purchasing unwanted items.

You can have more than one registry on the Wedding Wire site, so you aren’t limited to finding everything you need at only one store.


Best Honeymoon Cash And Experience Registry: Honeyfund


Honeymoon registries are gaining popularity among couples who would rather have guests contribute to the experiences on their honeymoon instead of or in addition to a wedding registry. Honeyfund makes creating a cash and experiences honeymoon registry easy.

You and your fiancé create a list of honeymoon activities you would like to participate in, and guests can contribute monetarily towards your experiences. Once you’re ready to use the funds, Honeyfund either wires you the money or sends you a bank check for the balance, and you can use it as you please!

Another bonus, you are only charged a fee through gifts given by credit card; when guests give gifts through cash or check, it’s completely free!

There is no added cost to using premium features, and with flexible gift redemption choices that are also free to use, you can trust you and your guests are getting the most out of their gifts.

Honeyfund has been named the most  popular crowdfunding site for weddings, honeymoons, down payments, charities and other life events.  Honeyfund has helped hundreds of thousands of couples make their newlywed dreams come true with their easy-to-use registry platform. 

Best Baby Registry: Tied – Babylist & Buy Buy Baby


Babylist tops our list for best baby registry site for the ease of use and available gift options that go beyond retail stores.

The site makes setting up your registry simple and straightforward, just answer a few questions, and you can begin adding items.

You can choose products from any store, from Etsy (hello cute baby clothes!) to Target for essentials like car seats, cribs and diapers, so you have endless options available all in one place. It also offers a 15% off discount code available upon registry completion that you can use on any item on your list.

Babylist also provides a unique feature through their site to add custom gifts, including house cleaning, home-cooked meals, and even dog walking. It’s an excellent way to offer your friends and family the option to purchase gifts that go beyond onesies and bottles and help you when you need it most, the first few months after your baby comes home!

New registry creators are eligible to receive a free goody box full of baby items custom-picked for your little one. It includes recommended products that previous users loved, helping you make the best choice that fits you and your baby’s needs.

Babylist makes creating your baby’s gift registry fun and exciting, making it easy for your friends and family to find what you want without having to search through multiple stores.

Buy Buy Baby

Buy Buy Baby ties as our choice for the best baby registry site for the number of free options available to you and those purchasing your items and the wide variety of products available, all in one place.

When you choose to register with Buy Buy Baby, you receive a gift bag packed with freebies, including coupons, samples, and your own copy of their gift registry guide.

It also gifts you a 15% off discount for items on your list that weren’t purchased, making it more affordable to buy any remaining items on your list. It also rewards you with free shipping for a year when the value of the gifts purchased from the items on your registry exceeds $1,500.

Buy Buy Baby also has a referral rewards system where you receive $25 off $100 or more when you refer your friends to create their own baby registry on the site. There are also available tools you can use to ensure you get the most out of your baby’s registry, including a checklist so you can keep track of the items you have on your list and see what you’re missing.

There is also an analyzer so you can ensure there are multiple price points for your friends and family to choose from and a tracker, providing a stress-free way to send out thank you’s. Plus, if you’re feeling overwhelmed at where to start or would like advice on the best products to add for your little one, Buy Buy Baby has experts available to you to answer all your questions and concerns.


When you’re ready to make a registry for your wedding, honeymoon, or new baby, you want to ensure you choose a site that will give you the most options to make the process streamlined and accessible for your family and friends.

Knowing which one to choose can feel overwhelming with so many sites out there, but you don’t have to worry about making the right choice. Our list of the best registry sites from your wedding to honeymoon and baby make creating your registry fun and straightforward. Don’t waste time on registry sites that don’t deliver the tools and options you need; pick one from our list and have the peace of mind necessary to get the most out of the special moments in your life.

Best Places to Register for Wedding Gifts 

Now  you’ve picked your registry site but aren’t sure where to go to add products to your wishlist of wedding gifts? Did you know most brides actually have 3-4 registries to give guest various options of where to find the perfect gift. This means you could have a wedding registry and a cash registry for your honeymoon or downpayment and even a few from your favorite stores!

Here is our a round-up of our favorite stores and what to get from each one:


Sur La Table Cookware, Appliances, Kitchen Tools, & More


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.