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Tips for Buying the Mattress of Your Dreams

Tips for Buying the Mattress of Your Dreams

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Whether you’re a firm, medium, or soft mattress fan, these tips and tricks can help you find the right mattress to suit your sleeping style.

The average person spends 26 years asleep — and 7 in bed, tossing and turning as we try to make our way towards dreamland.

If you’re going to spend that much time in bed, make sure it’s a nice one. After all, sleep isn’t just for fun. A good night’s rest has a number of benefits, ranging from improving your memory and emotional well-being to helping regulate your weight and boost your immune responses. And the right mattress can make all the difference between whether or not you spend 7 years of your life trying to get some shut eye or sound asleep.

Here, three tips for how to find the mattress of your dreams. Plus, buy now, pay later deals to help you pay for it.

Think About What Is — Or Isn’t — Working

Are you buying a new mattress because your old one is no longer comfortable, or because it never was to begin with? Mattresses typically have a lifespan between 7 and 10 years. If yours is reaching the end of its lifespan … or reached that point years ago … try to remember what it was like when you first got it. If you enjoyed it, great — then you know you might want to look for a similar style of mattress in the future. But if you always found it to be too hard or too soft, then it’s time to look for something new.

Determine Which Type of Mattress Is Right for You

Even if you’re planning to make your purchase online, go into a brick-and-mortar store so you can try out all three types of mattresses so you can determine which one is right for your sleeping style: foam, innerspring, or hybrid.

Back Sleepers

Try foam or hybrid mattresses, which do a better job supporting you in this position.

Side Sleepers

Look for softer mattresses, preferably made from foam, which will conform to your body.

Stomach Sleepers

Innerspring mattresses, which tend to be firmer, are your best bet if you typically sleep on your stomach.

Shop Around

Look for the best deals in-person and online before you make your purchase, and see if the brand or retailer offers a trial period. A number of brands will let you bring a mattress home and sleep on it for weeks then return it if it isn’t working out. It can take 30 nights for your body to adjust to a new mattress — so brands like Purple will let you trial yours for 100 nights then return if it isn’t the right fit.

Here, some of our favorite picks for affordable, quality mattresses and how to pay for them over time with Buy Now Pay Later financing options:

Best Mattress Stores with Buy Now Pay Later Financing Options 

1. Ghost Bed

Ghost Bed is an award-winning mattress company with with more than 20 years of patented sleep technology. Our pick is the cooling line of adjustable mattresses.

All made in the USA with a 101 night sleep trial and some of the longest term financing options available. Use the interacting financing tool to find out if Affirm or Splitit is the right payment choice for you.GhostBed has the exclusive financing deal with Affirm to get an affordable luxury mattress for a super low monthly rate. Check out the options on Ghostbed here.

  • Under $3k = 1 to 3 year as low as 0% APR
  • $3k+ minimum purchase = 4 year as low as 0% APR
  • $4k+ minimum purchase = 5 year as low as 0% APR

2. Mend Sleep

Mend sleep is unique in that they offer adjustable beds to help you get that perfect position for a better nights sleep. Not sure if an adjustable bed is what you want? They do offer 180 Nights Sleep Trial and Lifetime Warranty. With FREE Shipping & Returns and several flexible financing opportunities including Affirm and Splitit , you’re only one step away from enjoying the best sleep of your life!

3. Sleepy Head USA

Not ready to invest in a new bed? Why not try a  premium mattress topper from Sleepy Head USA! Rated the #1 mattress topper for college students, with sizes made just for dorm rooms. Available in both gel-infused memory foam and copper-infused for a cooler and more hygienic sleep environment. 

Buy Now Pay Later with Affirm financing. Make easy monthly payments over 3 months Checking your eligibility won't affect your credit.

  • 30-Night Risk Free Trial.
  • Good until graduation warranty.
  • Free Shipping On All Orders.

4. Purple

Purple mattresses have a unique GelFlex Grid designed to cradle your body while also offering plenty of support and airflow, for better temperature regulation. You get a 100 day trial period and 10 year warranty with your purchase.

Plus, Purple has teamed up with both Affirm and SplitIt so you have two great ways to pay: You can use Affirm to finance your mattress over 6 to 48 months or use SplitIt and your current credit card to break up payments over the course of 2 to 24 months.

5. Casper

Casper also offers a 100-night trial and 10-year warranty for its foam and hybrid direct-to-consumer mattresses. It’s popular Original Mattress is divided into three different ergonomic zones to help keep your spine aligned while the breathable foam is designed to help you stay cool and comfortable through the night. You can use buy now, pay later service Affirm to pay for your mattress in 6, 12, or 18 months.

6. Wink Beds

With Wink, you’ll  get a 120-night trial and 100% happiness guarantee. They will even delivery and pick-up the mattress if you decide it isn't for you. Made in USA and the handmade Luxury Hybrid Bed is a bestseller and ideal choice for those looking for back pain relief at night with the mix of a traditional inner spring and innovative cooling foam. 

Financing options are available with Bread, allowing you to pay over time based. Simply fill out the simple application to get pre-approved, no hard credit check required and no impact on your credit score. 

7. Aslan

Looking for a longer trial? With Aslan you get 365 nights to try out your new GEL Memory Foam Mattress, made from three layers of foam: the first, a breathable memory foam that draws heat away from your body; the second, a transition layer designed to create additional airflow and relief pressure; and the third, a support layer that helps ensure your spine is aligned correctly when you sleep. Aslan partners with Bread, a buy now, pay later service that lets you choose between multiple plans so you can pay for your mattress over the course of 12, 24, or 36 months, for example.

8. Nest Bedding

Nest Bedding has four different kinds of mattresses, each of which has up to three different levels of softness for you to choose from: plush, medium, or firm. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, you can take the Nest mattress quiz to find out. In addition to mattresses, Nest Bedding sells a range of pillows, sheets and duvets, blankets and comforters, bed frames, and other sleep-centric items so you can get everything you need for a good night’s rest. Plus, Nest takes Affirm, so whether you’re buying a mattress or a whole bedroom setup, you can choose the right loan for your budget.

9. SpineAlign

SpineAlign mattresses are designed for a better nights sleep starting with the idea that your spine alignment is the most important thing to get right. Their signature mattress and pillow support proper posture for sleep that encourages healing and recovery –  it's all about proper spinal alignment. Feel more refreshed after every night's sleep. Buy Now Pay Later available at SpineAlign through Klarna. 

10. Slumberland

The sleep solutions department solves an old problem: that shopping for a mattress is hard, confusing, feels risky and really not that much fun. Not anymore! They have uncomplicated everything about mattress shopping. Slumberland accepts Affirm and PayPal Pay in 4 for sleep now, pay later.

11. Emma Sleep

We design for wellness. We want you to be energized, empowered, refreshed, and to feel good. Emma was founded on the values of bridging thoughtful design and proprietary sleep technology together to make solutions that work for every type of sleeper. 1 offers Affirm for buy now, pay later.

12. Naturepedic

Naturepedic is an award-winning mattress company which also holds 10 different environmental certifications. You can use Affirm at Naturepedic to sleep now, pay later.  They even make organic baby crib mattresses!

How to Choose Your Next Buy Now, Pay Later Mattress

Still not sure which mattress is right for you? These buy now pay later guides to buying a new mattress should help from specialty mattresses for cribs and RV's to organic mattresses.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.