Online Stores that Accept Katapult (a.k.a. Zibby), the Lease-to-Own Payment Platform

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Last Updated on July 13, 2021 by Shopping Kim

Katapault (formerly Zibby) is a lease-to-own payment option that offers alternative financing for people with low or no FICO scores.  Get Pre-Approved with Katapult to buy home goods from top retailers including Wayfair, PC Richards, Motorola, Lenovo and others!


Simply apply on the Katapault website and see if you are pre-approved for lease to own payment plans. 

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Rent to own furniture, appliances, electronics and other essentials with no credit required. Get pre-approved for up to $3,5000 credit in 30 seconds. Each month, you can choose to make your payment, buy-out your items for the same cash price or return them.

Here is the list of online stores by category that accept Katapult (formerly Zibby) for payment to rent to own.

Mattresses and Beds

Katapult works with the leading mattress and bed merchants and  allows them the ability to offer a no credit needed and no credit required, lease to own mattress payment program. No late fees, ever.   Find the best mattress for you even if you have low or no FICO score credit history. 

Electronics, Appliances & Automotive

Katapult has partnered with top electronics retailers to offer a  no credit needed solution for buying new electronics.  No credit required, lease to own payment program available today. 

Are we missing any Katapult stores? Leave a comment, and we will update the list as we learn of more stores that accept this lease to own option. If you are a merchant that would like to be added or recommended, please contact us.

If you do not qualify for a Katapult account, we suggest checking out Afterpay, Bread, FuturePay and/or Klarna. Or check out our list of all online merchants that offer payment plans.

Online Stores that Accept Zibby for Payment to Rent To Own

28 thoughts on “Online Stores that Accept Katapult (a.k.a. Zibby), the Lease-to-Own Payment Platform”

  1. Ghost Bed would not take Zibby, just Affirm and Nest bedding has been not directing you to Zibby. Zibby has not got back with me? May have to go with Nector bed, they will take 6 debit payments and priced good just not my first choice.

  2. I strongly encourage people to avoid FX Computer. I used to Zibby to purchase a computer from them in May. It is now the middle of July. I have not received the PC. They quit responding to emails and they never answer the phone.
    Zibby had tried to reach them on my behalf as well and they have had no success either.

  3. i talked to zibby about their online stores and they gave me this list of extra stores:
    Outcast Garage
    Park Avenue Photo
    Indigo Sleep
    Treadwright Tires
    Frost NYC (Online)
    Speed Zone
    Eight Sleep
    Import Image Racing
    Prime Style
    Marine Depot
    Element Mattress
    Finally Home Furnishings – Ft. Worth
    Finally Home Furnishings
    FX CustomPC

    1. Wayfair had assured me last month that they still accept Zibby although some items may be excluded. I just emailed them again asking why several us (me included) cannot see the Zibby option at checkout. I’ll update when I hear back.

  4. I just purchased on Wayfair using Zibby last week. One item didn’t qualify but it was pillow cases lol.

    1. Please share how were you were able to do this? I don’t get a zibby option at checkout, only affirm. Thanks!!

  5. As of April 2019, Wayfair seems to have gotten rid of Affirm and they now have Zibby. I wonder why they don’t seem to stick with anyone long term. I was planning to use Affirm, but the option wasn’t there. Zibby was, so I had to look them up to see what they were all about.

    1. As of today, Wednesday, 5/22/2019, when trying to purchase from Wayfair, there is no zibby option at checkout, only affirm. When I called Wayfair, the rep said she isn’t familiar with zibby and didn’t know what to do except advise me to call zibby. When I called zibby, they told me to keep refreshing the checkout page until zibby appears. So far no luck. I will try calling again, but in the meantime, if anyone knows or did something different to get that zibby option, please share!!


      1. Adeline. D Lyles

        Hi, I’m late with this message, but I had the same issue with wayfair not excepting zippy, I called was told I could not use a cellphone to order it had to be a laptop, or desktop. Hope this helps.

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