10 Clever Ways to Save on Grocery Shopping

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When even as much as half your salary goes on grocery shopping every month, it’s clear that you need to make a change and obtain better habits in this department.

10 Clever Ways to Save on Grocery Shopping

We’ve shared our tips in 2017 and 2018, and now we have our updated 2019 list of tips.

Saving money on groceries can be easier than you have thought, you just need to be aware of a few simple suggestions:

1. Start Making Shopping Lists and Stick to Them

Even if you have a general idea of what you need when you are going to the grocery store, without a reference list in your hand, you can always be tempted to buy just a little more. Not making a shopping list is the number one mistake you are probably making that is currently affecting your budget. Think carefully about what you need to buy, write it down and stick to your list – stop buying unnecessary things that might seem cheap, but are actually adding up and affecting your general budget. 

2. Use Online Grocery Coupons

With the rise in number of big coupon websites, you now have the possibility of spending a bit less at your favorite department stores, if you simply do a bit of online research first. In-store department stores are probably your go-to option when it comes to grocery shopping, since they offer you such a wide variety of options and can provide you with a one-stop shopping experience that covers all of your needs. In 2019 we recommend you try go online and search for some coupons for groceries at Giving Assistant which also lets you donate money to your favorite non-profit whilst saving money on your regular grocery food bills.

3. Store Your Food Properly

Bad food storing habits can often cause food waste, the need of making a repurchase, and surprisingly, maybe make you obese according to research. Let’s say you have purchased some avocados, but haven’t stored them properly, and before you are actually able to eat them, they have gone bad – this is wasted money right there. When you start storing your food properly, for it to actually last longer, wasting money will become less of a problem. 

4. Compare Stores

While at some supermarkets you might save quite a lot of money or toilet paper and cleaning products, for example, it’s best if you buy your vegetables and fruits from a local market and meat from a small corner shop. You should take the time to truly compare the stores you usually buy your groceries from and find out which have the smallest prices on all your go-to items. It’s far more convenient to purchase all of your essentials in a single place, but if you want to be budget-conscious, perhaps making more than one trip is recommended. 

5. Store Loyalty Programs

If you have a favorite supermarket and you do most of your shopping there, find out if they have a loyalty program available. Some stores give you the possibility of benefiting from various discounts when you are a regular shopper. Then there is the town of Marlboro Township, New Jersey which offers a tax lowering loyalty program incentive.

6. Stay Away from the Snack Aisle

Although it’s perfectly normal to have a couple of bags of chips in your kitchen cabinet, for when you have guests over, you know you probably buy far more snacks than you should regularly. Have you ever calculated how much of your grocery expense go on snacks? If not, it’s certainly the time to do so. Because they seem to come at such a cheap price, you can often be tempted to keep filling your shopping cart with all sorts of sugary treats and salty snacks that you don’t actually need around. It’s best if you simply avoid the snack aisles altogether when you are shopping. 

7. Try to Go Meatless from Time to Time

While the vegan lifestyle might not be for you, what you could consider, however, doing is to cut down on your meat consumption from time to time. Even two meatless meals less a week can make a difference in your grocery expenses. There are plenty of great dishes that don’t need this ingredient, so give this option a try. When you need to cook or a large family, spending less money on meat will count. 

8. Go Generic

The same product but with a different label on it can often cost even twice as much. Stop looking into popular, widely known brands which are often far pricier and start buying store brands instead. From canned tomatoes to cereals and oatmeal, purchasing generic is the far more affordable alternative, and if you compare the list of ingredients, there’s often no difference in terms of quality. 

9. Buy in Bulk

Any ingredient that can last for a long time and you use frequently should be purchased in bulk. Starting to buy some of your groceries in bulk will help you save quite a lot of money in the long run, and it will also be more convenient. 

10. Don’t Go Grocery Shopping Whilst Hungry! 

Last but not least, considered one of the golden rules of grocery shopping, you should never go to the supermarket when you are hungry. It has probably happened to you a couple of times, to buy groceries with an appetite, and be tempted to put in our cart everything that catches your eye. If you want to stick to your list and not make impulse purchases, make sure you have eaten before you go shopping.


As you can see, there are a few effective things you are able to do if you want to keep your grocery expenses to minimum.

Considering how much of your monthly budget goes towards groceries, it’s only normal for you to try to reach an improvement in this department. Regardless of how well you handle your finances, when you have the possibility to save some money, why not actually do it?

The tips suggested in this article can prove to be quite effective in this department, so give them a try for yourself, do the math, and you will be impressed with how much you have managed to save.

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