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10 Impressive Ways to Be Romantic and Surprise Your Partner

10 Impressive Ways to Be Romantic and Surprise Your Partner

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Romance and surprises are necessary to add spark to your relationship. With some extra efforts, you can prove that a relationship is essential in your life. Remember, a relation needs nourishment, love and kindness. Surprises may include lighthearted fun, relationship contentment, tender interactions and intimacy. 

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Fortunately, you can surprise your partner within your budget and resources. Here are some effective methods to be romantic.

1. Surprise Your Partner with Beautiful Flowers

Sending a floral arrangement may be a good choice because it's always a thoughtful gift to surprise your spouse. You can give a customized bouquet with red flowers and chocolate. If your partner likes flowers, you can decorate a room with roses.

Find his/her favorite flower and take out petals of these flowers. Scatter them all over your room and cover the floor. Feel free to decorate your bed with flower petals. A huge bouquet of beautiful roses can be a dramatic gift.

2. Try to Fulfill a Wish of Your Partner

Has your partner wanted to do something special? Try to find out his/her deepest desire to give her a thoughtful gift such as a once in a lifetime experience – this could be a sporting event, theater tickets or even a chance to drive their dream car! 

3. Plan a Romantic Dinner at Home

Food is a powerful way to impress your partner and show your love.  Remember, food can bring people together. 

 Instead of having this pressure to be “in love” one day out of the year, let’s live as though every day were Valentine’s Day! Start my setting a beautiful date night at home and plan either to have a special meal ready or enjoy the process and cook together.  Bonding over good food and conversation is always good for the soul!  Research even suggests that couples who work together in the kitchen have stronger relationships and better communication skills through the life of their relationship.  Not sure what to make? We recommend trying a home cooking  service like Platejoy.

 PlateJoy’s delicious recipes and grocery lists, the guess work is taken care of – leaving you time to enjoy our relationship and of course a night of good food and wine

4. Avoid Taking Each Other for Granted

If you want to keep the romance alive in your relationship, you should not take your partner for granted. Try to keep your beautiful moments alive by celebrating these days. For instance, your first date, first kiss or first party can be special occasions.

It is essential to spend some quality time with your sweetheart. Appreciate each other for small tasks. You can plan some fun activities once a week. In this way, you can rekindle the flame of your relationship.

5. Give Thoughtful Gifts

Chocolate and flowers can make everyone smile. Try to tailor a gift as per the personality of your loved one. It will be a romantic gift to impress your partner. Make sure to consider the preferences of your spouse before selecting a gift.

You can choose concert tickets or a record player for music lovers. Moreover, give him/her a poster of his/her favorite band. For sports lovers, you can choose a baseball, football, or basketball cap. If your partner is fond of cooking, you can gift him/her a cookbook or a magazine too.

6. Plan Romantic Dates

Plan a thoughtful date for your lover after considering his/her interests and needs. If your spouse doesn't like outdoor activities, avoid hiking adventures. For music lovers, you can arrange a folk or jazz concert at a café or restaurant.

If your partner loves adventures, you can plan hiking in the mountains or horseback riding. Moreover, the beach, wooden trail and jungle are suitable destinations for a romantic date. For food lovers, you can cook their favorite meal. Feel free to cook together to make your date perfectly romantic.

7. Romantic Notes or Letters for Your Spouse

To keep the romance alive, you can prepare some romantic notes for your love. Before leaving the house, post a beautiful note on the fridge or mirror. You can write some simple and sweet things, such as can't wait for you. 

Moreover, leave a note in her textbook or other books. These notes will bring a big smile on her face. To express your love, feel free to write a love letter. Send beautiful and romantic text messages to surprise her.

8. Express Your Love on Strange Places

Remember, “I Love You” is a magical phrase. You have to share this phrase frequently with each other. To surprise your loved one, you can write this phrase in strange places. It will help you to keep fun alive. For instance, you can write “I Love You” at a beach on sand. 

Feel free to crave a beautiful statement in a tree trunk on the property. Moreover, write your expression of love on a dessert.  With these unique things, you can increase fun and excitement in your life.

9. Create a Romantic Photo Album

Nowadays, photo albums become rare because of advanced technology. You can print out online photos of your lover and create a beautiful photo album. These pictures will become a reminder of your lovely moments.

If you want to keep your relationship energetic, you should try this idea. Collect pictures of memorable events and give a funny caption to every photo. These things will make your gift meaningful and silly.

10. Pay Attention to Physical Affection

Remember, physical affection is an integral part of your relationship. You should not miss out on this part. It doesn't always mean to hold your hands, but you can do this while walking. Make sure to kiss and hug your lover once a day.  

Use creative ways to give affection to your lovers. Feel free to tickle her in bed, gently stroke her hair or squeeze her side. These things will help you to show physical affection to your lover.


If you want to grow your relationship, you can try all the ways mentioned above to be romantic. Make sure to surprise each other and share your love. It is important to tell your partner how special she is for you. 

Try to keep your relationship fresh by introducing new things in your life. For instance, join a dance class together. You can explore stars together during a romantic walk. In short, these small efforts are necessary to be romantic with your partner.   

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.