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4 Ways To Make the Most of Your Home’s Space

4 Ways To Make the Most of Your Home’s Space

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If your family is growing or you’re downsizing to a smaller house, it’s time to consider how you can make the most of the space in your home. There are many small adjustments you can make to open up floor space and make rooms multi-use. Below are four ideas to expand the uses of your home while taking up less space.

1. Use Murphy Beds in Bedrooms

Murphy beds are making a comeback for their great uses. Building a Murphy bed is actually quite easy if you follow the right steps, and can open up the functionality and space of a bedroom. If you choose to, you can install a desk on the underside of the bed so that when it is folded up it becomes an office desk. If you wish you had somewhere to workout in your home, but don’t have an extra room for it, fold up a Murphy bed for open floor space to exercise. In kids’ rooms, they can fold their Murphy bed up and put some bean bag chairs down for a place to hang out with friends. As you can see, there are a lot of great benefits to using this multi-functional piece of furniture.Bestar, Universel Collection, Full Murphy Bed

2. Use What Space You Have

It can be tempting to stick to familiar layouts even if they don’t make the best use of space. However, a willingness to consider the dimensions and layout of the room and try new furniture arrangements can save you a lot of space. For example, corners often go unused in favor of centering furniture on the wall or putting it on the flat parts of the wall, but using corners can allow wall space for other uses. Consider using corner desks or bookshelves so your wall can be used for the TV stand that won’t fit in the corner.Tribesigns 5-Shelf Corner Bookshelf, Large Modern Corner Bookcase, 5-Tier Tall Corner Shelf Storage Display Rack with Metal Frame for Living Room Home Office (Rustic Brown)

3. Add Extra Storage and Counter Space to Your Kitchen

Depending on the design of your kitchen, it may leave you pining for more cabinet and counter space. It isn’t always feasible to add an extra counter with cabinets beneath due to the layout of the kitchen, but there are alternatives that allow you to make the most of the space in your kitchen. Buying or building a mobile island allows for food preparation workspace and storage below for pots and pans. It’s an affordable, easy way to make your kitchen more functional.

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4. Avoid Clutter

Even if you do all of the above, your space will feel small and crowded if there are simply too many belongings in the house. As you’re making adjustments so your home is more functional and spacious, ensure that going through your belongings and getting rid of things you don’t use or need is on the list of tasks. This can include getting rid of floor and table lamps and replacing them with ceiling lights or sconces on the wall – that way your light source isn’t taking up floor space.

With a little creativity, even the smallest of homes can become fully functional and feel spacious.

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