4 Ways to Stay Connected to Long-Distance Friends

Friends will come and go, but sometimes you find a person who is worth holding onto. If you found that person in high school, college, or in a town you’re moving away from, the relationship will inevitably become harder to maintain.

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Luckily, with some help from technology and a couple of handy gadgets, it’s easier than ever to stay connected with your long-distance friends. Read on to find four ways to stay in touch with loved ones who live far away.

1. Games

One of the easiest ways to meet up with friends from a distance is through online games. Even if you don’t own a console or a gaming computer, you can still find plenty of free sites that allow you to play online with anyone. You can play online scrabble, Pictionary, trivia, and even Cards Against Humanity, if that’s your cup of tea. All you really need is an Internet connection and a friend, and these simple games can last a whole night.

In addition, installing an application like Words with Friends, Draw Something, or Uno onto your phone ensures that you can play with your friend throughout the day. With an app that sends you notifications, it becomes easier to keep tabs without losing interest.

2. Friendship Lamps

With the current booming landscape for technology, it’s no wonder the market is full of gadgets to connect people all across the world. A great example of this is a friendship lamp. Friendship lamps are two or more connected lamps that are in sympathy with each other: in other words, when one is turned on, the other turns on as well. 

These lamps work no matter how far apart they are, meaning you can have one lamp in America and the other in Poland if you wish. Many people use these lamps to remind friends that they’re missed – if you get a lamp that has multiple color options, you can also use the different colors to express varying emotions. Red for love, blue for sad, yellow for happy, etc., which will make it easier for your buddy to stay in the know on your moods.

3. Movie Night

If you and your loved one enjoy film, then having a weekly movie night is a great way to stay connected while you’re separated. You can either tune in to a movie at the same time and comment over text or video chat, or you can use a free streaming service online. There are free extensions like Netflix Party, which allow you to sync streaming with a live chat, or you can find plenty of other free services that sync with video chat. Some examples are Scener, TwoSeven, and Rabbit. 

Setting up a time and weekday for movie night will ensure that you and your friend never go weeks without seeing or speaking to each other. This will be much easier than a weekly FaceTime or Skype call since you’ll both have something to talk about: the film! 

4. Care Packages

Nothing beats a good old fashioned present. If you’re feeling charitable, consider sending your friend a handmade gift box. You can choose their favorite candy, snacks, and treats, plus a card or other goodies. If you want to start a hobby together, gift boxes are a great way to suggest ideas. You can send paintbrushes and canvas, knitting supplies, or any other pastime you want to suggest for an easy way to connect.

If you’re short on time, you can also find a variety of premade gift boxes online to ship straight to your buddy. These come in a wide variety, like food, skincare, or mental health, making them super quick and easy to pick and send. 

With these four tips, connecting to a long-distance friend is easier than ever. Try something new, like an online game, a friendship lamp, or a movie night to rekindle your relationship and stay in touch.

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