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5 Essential Tips to Help You Overcome Depression

5 Essential Tips to Help You Overcome Depression

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At times in life, sadness comes, and we feel stuck. The strength and resolve to understand what we feel are what keeps us going. When sadness takes over every waking thought, they morph into depression; a psychosis that can harm both the mind and body.

When depression remains undiagnosed or untreated, it can spell fatal consequences for the one suffering. Recovering from depression varies from case to case. Nonetheless, with lifestyle changes and self-care programmers, those who seek treatment can get better. Here are five tips to help overcome depression.

1. Stay Social

As much as possible be open to others, be willing to talk to and to listen to others. Sharing your challenges can be part of solving them, talking to others can not only offer you an outlet for letting out these sad feelings but can also offer further insight. Staying in tabs with your loved ones, sharing stories, and jokes can improve one’s mood tremendously. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved.

2. Take a Walk

Taking a walk releases Acetylcholine and Dopamine. These hormones are what make people happy. The exercise you get out of walking also clears your mind, raises blood flow to the brain, and boosts serotonin levels. While walking there is a chance, you will see something that will distract you from your life, it could be a street performer, a cute puppy, or literally be anything on the face of the earth. The only important thing is that it takes you away from your thoughts, even just a second. If you walk, there will be distractions to fill up space. Negativity resides in a vacuum.

3. Put Things into Perspective

Things in life cannot always go your way. There are days you win or lose. In the tag of war, we forget to participate in our lives. We forget to take stock of the people and things that truly matter. When we are sad, it is hard to find things to be proud of, in ourselves. You need a list of gratifying points. A negative thought can turn a functional person into a totally irrational and low self-esteem mess. If these thoughts are not dealt with, they often turn into a constant negative feedback loop. The best way to beat this loop is by making two lists;

  • Make a list of five things others appreciate about you. Keep it based on what others say so that you can avoid self-sabotage.
  • Make a second list of everything that has not been going well. Imagine how it would feel if these things were not a part of your life.

4. Breathe Deeply

Meditate; take some time every day to breathe deeply from your belly, holding in (8 seconds) and then out. While taking in the deep breaths, focus on positives. When your body does not get enough oxygen, noxious gasses build up in your blood. These gasses bring anxiety and tenseness in the nervous system.

You can also run the positive things your loved ones wrote on the list (tip 3) through your minds. Recite, reaffirm, and visualize those words like a mantra. This act sounds basic. Still, it is our thoughts that make us so chant way those blues.

You can also create another list of the negative things in your life. Rather than chanting to it, cut the phrases out. For every few breaths, you take when meditating; burn, tear, or find a way of destroying that negative piece of paper. The very act of focusing on the words on the piece of paper then destroying it nullifies the negativity that those words brought. If you do it enough times, you will be on to a new upbeat mood.

5. Try Some CBD

CBD can be used, in place of the pharmaceutical drugs used to treat depression, according to research carried out by a familiar blog CBDTrust. CBD induces effects similar to antidepressant medications. It binds receptors (like for serotonin re-uptake) in the endocannabinoid system. The best way to get the most out of CBD products is to think of them as a dietary supplement, that way there is none of the monotony associated with receiving medical treatment. CBD can also help you with the other symptoms of depression like lack of sleep. 

Just make sure you consult with a healthcare professional to use products that work best for you. Using the wrong products carries some risks and can cause side effects, such as dry mouth, reduced appetite and drowsiness. Well-researched and compound formulas in some nootropics such as Chemical Planet and NooCube are designed to improve mental health and brain functions and are widely used for stress-relieving properties.

How To Beat Depression

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