5 Must-Have Cooking Tools for Your Kitchen

Whenever we turn on the Food Network and we see our favorite chefs fixing something to eat, it's amazing how easy they make it all look. Sure, a part of it is due to the fact that they have a lot of professional training under the belts, but honestly, there's another reason why they are able to cook in a way that seems to effortless: they have the right cooking tools. And while you might not have the budget to get all of tools and gadgets that many cooking experts own, that doesn't mean that you can't invest in a few must-have cooking accessories.

If you enjoy cooking and you'd like to know what you need in order to make the process a simpler one, we've enclosed what we think should go on the essential tools list below:

Some wooden spoons. There's not too much that you can make without the need to stir it. So, of course, it would make sense that you should have a few spoons around. The reason why we prefer using wooden instead of plastic or even stainless steel is one, they don't tend to scratch up non-stick surfaces and two, they don't react to the different kinds of acids in food; this is a good thing because it prevents that metallic aftertaste from taking place.

A thermometer. Although nearly all recipes provide you with an amount of time that you should set aside to prepare a dish, honestly, that's usually a guesstimate; especially when it comes to poultry. So, if you want to be absolutely certain that something is cooked all the way through, you need a thermometer that you can test it with.

A peeler. Have you ever tried to remove the top layer of skin from a carrot? Or have you needed some zest from a lemon peel? Or maybe you want to make some eggplant parmesan. You can get all of this done a lot quicker with the help of a peeler. Plus, as an added bonus, they are much safer to use than a knife.

Some kitchen shears. When you're in the kitchen, you have one of your favorite kitchen aprons and you don't want to make a big mess, something that can help you to prevent this from happening is a pair of cooking shears. They make tasks like cutting up a chicken or slicing pizza a breeze. Plus, they're also handy when it comes to things like cutting parchment paper or twine.

Measuring cups and spoons. There are some people who've been cooking for so long (and so well), that they can kind of gauge in their minds how much sugar, salt or some other kind of (measurable) ingredient they will need. For the rest of us, it really is best to follow the recipe when it tells us to put in ½ cup of flour or three tablespoons of honey. The good news is that measuring cups and spoons can help us to do just that. That way, you can be more confident in the fact that what you're setting to make will turn out just the way you want it. And that's these tools are a definite must-have for your kitchen.

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