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Seasonal Scents: The Best In Home Fragrance

Seasonal Scents: The Best In Home Fragrance

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Make your home smell cozy in the winter and fresh in the summer with these top diffusers and candles.

We’re all spending more time at home these days, and that means that many of us have been hard at work turning our homes into the spaces we’ve always wanted them to be. Chances are you’ve tackled a ton of DIY projects and maybe even redone a room or two, but there’s still one territory that’s likely still untouched: giving your home a signature seasonal scent.

As long as a space doesn’t smell bad, it’s easy to overlook scent. But scent is incredibly powerful. It’s the strongest trigger for calling up memories and creating new ones. What’s more, giving your home a seasonal scent is incredibly easy. All you need is a candle or diffuser with a different scent depending on the season. And with buy now, pay later platforms, giving your home a seasonal scent is affordable at just about any budget.


Electric Diffuser

When it comes to electric diffusers, you can’t go wrong with Aera. You can choose the Aera Diffuser for medium- to large-sized rooms or the mini for smaller spaces. With buy now, pay later service Zip, the former can be yours for four interest-free payments of $49.75, while the mini comes to four payments of $23.75.

Aera diffusers allow you to control how much scent is in a room and even set a schedule so that when you’re not at home, for example, there’s no scent, but when you are at home, there is one. The scheduling option makes them particularly good for troubled sleepers, who can set up a relaxing scent like lavender in the bedroom that’s timed to start diffusing around bedtime.


Here, our picks for each season:

Winter: Feu de Bois

Summer: Beach House

Spring: Zephyr

Fall: Apple Harvest



Traditional Diffuser

Traditional diffusers give off a steady scent for weeks at a time. We like Nest’s diffusers, which not only smell good but are downright chic, thanks to their striped glass containers. And since Nest diffusers are available at Nordstroms, you can use Klarna to purchase them on a buy now, pay later plan. Simply download the Klarna app, search for Nordstroms, then split the cost of your diffuser into four interest-free payments, due every two weeks.

Here, our picks for each season:


Winter: Holiday Reed Diffuser

Summer: Ocean Mist & Sea Salt Diffuser

Spring: Grapefruit Reed Diffuser

Fall: Pumpkin Chai Reed Diffuser




Candles add both scent and atmosphere to your home, and are a great option if you only want to enjoy a scent at specific times rather than having it diffuse through your home for hours on end. Since 1961, diptyque Paris candles have been prized for their exquisite fragrances. The candles are made by hand and produced in small batches — which is one of the reasons why they come with a relatively expensive price tag: a classic scented candle by diptyque Paris burns for 60 hours and costs $68. 

Fortunately, however, you can break up the cost of your candle into four equal payments with Klarna. And when your candle has burned out, you can clean out the container with a bit of hot water and use it to store everything from cotton balls to kitchen utensil jars, depending on the size.


Here, our picks for each season:

Winter: Cinnamon Candle

Summer: Orange Blossom Candle

Spring: Juniper Candle

Fall: Autumn Berries Candle



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.