5 Simple Ways to Modernize Your Living Room

9 Stylish Tips To Reconfigure Your Living Room

The living room is the focal point of the home, where people emerge from their bedrooms, studies and dens at night to spend time together as a family. Is it time you gave your living room a restyle? If you’ve got a dated, tired space in need of a style refresh, then here’s some easy ways to get it back up to scratch without an expensive home renovation.

5 Simple Ways to Modernize Your Living Room

  1. Get a statement piece of furniture

You don’t have to replace your entire suite to update your room as an interesting chair or coffee table will elevate your living room if you’re not ready to throw out the sofa just yet. By choosing an ultra-modern designer piece, you are investing in a quality piece of furniture that is built to last, and will get your guests talking when you invite them over. Seek out iconic collaborations such as at Herman Miller.

  1. Change your curtains

Curtains tend to fall by the wayside in a remodeling, but they’re actually an effective and relatively inexpensive way to introduce new colors and textures to a room. Replace your curtains with something in an on-trend color to update your room’s walls – think a bright, zesty green, like the Pantone color of the year or a darker shade of navy for a more classic look.

  1. Buy something handmade

Artisan made pieces have made a huge comeback as householders have grown tired of mass-produced prints and cast sculptures. Buy something that is handmade and unique by a local artist to support your creative community, such as a beautiful woven throw blanket, hand-blown glass bowls and vases, ceramics or a painting. Art is considered a solid investment; most pieces will at the very least hold their value overtime, so think of it as a fun little savings account sitting on your shelf!

You can find handmade items for the best price on Etsy.

  1. Repurpose something you already own

If you’ve got a side table or a bookshelf that’s feeling a little worn or dated, then don’t just throw it out. It’s a great excuse to flex your DIY muscles and upcycle it into a modern piece you’d love to own. Spray-paint chunky wooden pieces of furniture in a block color that matches your curtains, rug or a new piece of artwork to tie your living room together. Scratched-up chairs can be given a new lease of life with some sanding and a tin of wood varnish, and you can try your own hand at reupholstering a worn-out chair with some new fabric in an on-trend color.

  1. Sprinkle some final touches

A quick restyling with some accessories can make your old things feel like new again. Drape a woolen throw or a sheepskin rug over the back of your sofa and pair it with some soft, comfy cushions. Turn old bookshelves into display units and show off your knick-knacks and collectibles. Throw a small runner or cloth over an end table and decorate with a candle or small vase for a fresh pop of color. The possibilities are endless – just remember to keep everything cohesive and roughly within the same color palette so you’re not too busy and cluttered.

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