6 Best Types of Gifts for Your Teenager

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When it comes to giving gifts for teenagers, it’s easy just to hand them a card with a bit of money snuck in. After all, it’s quite hard to pinpoint exactly what the young ones are interested in these days – it’s always changing.

There’s no way of knowing whether they will like a particular item unless they specifically tell you it’s what they want. Then again, that ruins the surprise factor inherent in gift giving.

In that case, here are some gift ideas even a picky teen would appreciate:

1) For the music lover

The glory days of iPods are over as iPhones, especially the ones with large enough storage spaces, are more than capable of handling music needs. There’s talk that the film Baby Driver might bring the iPod a bit of love but why keep two devices when one can be both a player and phone?

So what can you give a teenager who is fond of music? Vinyl is making a comeback, and if your kid has shown interest in your old records or even the newer releases, then it makes sense to gift them a turntable. But if they happen to be more digitally inclined, then that’s not a problem at all given the range of new stuff that comes out regularly.

One of the simplest gifts for an audiophile is a good speaker, one where they could just attach their device to begin blasting some music or listen to podcasts if that’s their thing. But if your child is not the audio-blasting kind, a noise-cancelling headset will do.

2) For the sporty or adventurous one

There are more than a few gift ideas for a teen who loves sports, be it of the armchair variety, the indoor kind, or the actual sport. An air hockey table is great fun when the weather doesn’t permit any kind of outdoor pursuit as are the latest versions of their sport-related video games like NBA 2K16. Any item that features a favorite sports team, like a sweater or poster, also does the trick.

3) For the devourer of books

While it’s easy to just present the book lover in your life with the latest work of their favorite author, why not try giving them accessories that help them get a better reading experience? A book light allows them to read well into the night – even past lights off – and is portable enough to be carried around during travels and camping trips.

4) For the taker of photographs

A lot of people – not just teenagers – love documenting their lives by taking a lot of pictures. But even in the digital era, print photos are making a comeback and what better way to preserve memories of a birthday party or a trip with friends with an instant print digital camera? Keeping those prints is also important, making a multi photo frame an ideal present.

While not all teens will find instant print digital cameras appealing, why not go for a 360 camera? It’s fun, and it allows them to be creative.

Smartphones also function pretty much like cameras these days. That said, your teen will appreciate an instant printer that allows them to immediately print selfies or other snapshots they took within the day to preserve in a scrapbook, put in a photo album, or pin to the wall.

5) For the memory keeper

A trip to a museum or attending a concert are so easily documented with smartphones then uploaded to platforms like Instagram. If your kid loves collecting all your ticket stubs at the end of the day, then encourage them to preserve those memories with a ticket stub diary.

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6) For the intrepid traveler

A lot of the teenage years are marked with family travels, be it around the country or abroad. Photos can easily serve as mementos of excursions to different places, but wouldn’t it be nice if your teen can visualize where they have been? A scratch map can help them track where they have set foot.

Or you can also give them a wall map of the world, the country, or the state you live in, and they can put a pin on places where they want to go. See more ideas here.

Gift shopping for teenagers can be difficult, but hopefully, the ideas presented here can help you find the perfect gift for your teenager.

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6 Gift Ideas For Teenagers

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