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Why Travelling for Surgery is a Great Idea

Why Travelling for Surgery is a Great Idea

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We all love travelling, right? Booking your tickets, planning your trip, packing your luggage and finally getting on the plane, we all look forward to this all the time. While holiday tourism is still popular, medical tourism to cheaper countries is also gaining popularity. Each year, millions of tourists travel to another country to have affordable cosmetic surgeries or other procedures at cheap rates.

Being stuck at home during the pandemic made us discover the little imperfections in ourselves. Adding the stress and the psychology of the situation, we wanted to fix these imperfections. Hence, most of all searched for ways to do this.

Travelling to another country for surgery combines both of our wishes in one trip and also allows us to save money during both. If you’re looking for a country to have your dream surgery done, you’ll see places such as Turkey, Greece, Czech Republic and Romania. Turkey is the most popular destination among them, as it has both tons of natural beauties and also plastic surgeons to make yourself “the beauty”.

Why Cosmetic Surgeries are Affordable in Turkey?

You might be wondering how a place can be an attraction point for tourists and can be highly affordable at the same time. It all comes down to the economics of Turkey. Labour is cheaper and on the other hand, the exchange rate is huge. While these procedures cost less than what it would in another country, when you convert the price to Pounds or Dollars, it becomes almost 4 times cheaper than what it would cost in the UK or the USA.

Istanbul, Turkey has the best plastic surgeons in the world, which are all very talented and has more experience than any others. Cheap prices in Turkey attract many people, therefore they get to perform on so many people with different skin textures, different body proportions and different cases. Their portfolio consist of different races and body types.

Now hearing about this, we know that you’re longing to book your surgery and buy your tickets to Turkey. Istanbul, the biggest city in Turkey has everything you would expect from a medical travel. Prepare a pen and paper and take some notes now, you’ll need those during your travel!

What to do During Your Stay in Istanbul, Turkey?

Well, the decision-making part can be the hardest part of your journey in Turkey! Istanbul has many popular tourist attractions which are historical and breathtaking. The city has been the cradle of civilizations for centuries and each civilization has left cultural heritages where you can’t see anywhere else in the world. It’s possible to see a monument or a building next to each other, that have been built in different eras by different civilizations.


You’ll be surprised to hear that Istanbul has 123 active churches, which is more than any European city. All of the churches has a unique architecture, built by the Greek Orthodox, Mongols, Romans and Bulgars.


After the conquest of Istanbul in 1453, the Ottomans took over the city and built many palaces for the Sultan’s families. Today, they can be visited and the visitors have a change to turn the clock around and see how the Ottoman emperors would live there in wealth. The Topkapi Palace is also listed as a world heritage in UNESCO’s list.


We’re sure that you’ve definitely heard of Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar. If you want to spice up your Istanbul experience, you should definitely visit these bazaars. You can find all different kinds of spices, dried fruits, Turkish delights there, as well as souvenirs and hand-made items.

Let’s not Forget the Food

It’s not only Kebab’s and baklavas, Turkish cuisine is considered as one of the richest cuisines in the world. Even if you don’t consume meat or sugar, you’ll find something delicious to eat in Istanbul. Always ask for the complimentary tea to Turkish coffee after your meals. These original tastes will be the cherry on top!

To Conclude

Medical travel allows you to explore the country you’re visiting, while having a surgery at the same visit. This will reduce the costs that would come with the travelling and you will get to see different cultures as well. Expensive costs of the surgeries you want to have might be stopping you from having them, however remember that there’s always a cheaper (and better in this case) alternative.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.