Ways to Save Money While Traveling

Save Money While Traveling

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Last updated on January 22, 2017

Save Money While Traveling
Traveling is often expensive, but it is possible to save money and make your money stretch farther while visiting a new destination.

Saving on plane tickets

The plane ticket is one of the large expenses of traveling. Fortunately, it is possible to save on the plane ticket with a few traveling tricks.

Travel during the off-season for your destination. For example, someone traveling to Hawaii or the Caribbean might find that going in the winter after the holiday season is less expensive than summer or winter break travel since the tourist season is ended.

Book your flight for the middle of the week. Buying a ticket for Tuesday or Wednesday is much less expensive than purchasing a weekend flight because more people want to fly on weekends.

Pack light. Luggage fees or extra costs due to weight in your luggage add up quickly. Keeping your travel bags as light as possible will make the trip less expensive. Take out anything you aren’t likely to need while traveling.

Saving on accommodations

Finding somewhere to stay while traveling is often expensive, especially if you do not research the area beforehand. Fortunately, it is possible to find inexpensive accommodations while traveling.

Look up hostels in the area and plan to stay at a one. Hostels are not only for young people, but are designed for anyone who is traveling. They are also less expensive than a hotel. In many cases, you’ll end up sharing a room or you’ll pay a little more for a single room, but the cost of a hostel is much less than a hotel.

If you cannot stay in a hostel, compare hotel rates online at your destination. Once you narrow it down to two or three options, call the hotel and find out about any promotional deals or whether meals are included.

For a long stay, try renting an apartment instead of staying in a hotel. It is ultimately cheaper if you plan to stay for a few weeks to a month or longer. Extended trips may necessitate medical travel insurance as well.

Saving on food

Food is one of the most easily overspent expenses while traveling. Fortunately, you can easily save on food if you plan ahead.

If the hotel you are staying in offers meals, such as complementary breakfasts, eat that meal at the hotels. You’ve already paid for the meal, so you do not need to spend on food outside.

Buy some groceries from a local grocery store or market. Before going, look online at the markets around your area. Alternatively, take an hour or so your first day after arriving to look at the local grocery stores. This is especially useful for hotels that have a kitchenette since you can cook meals in the hotel room.

Purchase food from street vendors. Street vendors allow you to sample local foods while also spending less.

Saving on gifts and memories

Saving on those expensive gifts or souvenirs is much easier than you might think.

Take your time and comparison shop. If you see something you like, make a note of where you see it and then look for it elsewhere. You might find it somewhere else for a less expensive price.

Haggle when you buy from street merchants. For travelers who are going to areas with street merchants where the gifts are not sold in a store, haggling can save you some extra money.

Avoid gift shops. Gift shops are designed to get your money. Instead, buy from regular stores that do not cater to tourists.

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