6 Cleaning Hacks to Save Time & Money

6 Cleaning Hacks to Save Time

If you’re in search of time-saving cleaning hacks, you’re in luck. There are scads to choose from. Here are a few to get you started.

Clean Your Coffee Grinder

More and more coffee lovers are making the decision to grind their own beans. Why? It results in the freshest cup of coffee. The next time your coffee grinder blade needs a good cleaning, save time by using stale bread.

Place torn bread into the grinding bowl and process. This method cleans the grinder and absorbs the coffee smell that may be lingering in one fell swoop.

Clean Your Baseboards

Dryer sheets work wonders on more than just laundry, and that includes baseboards. To remove accumulated dirt and repel dust, simply use a dryer sheet to “dust” the baseboards. You get the added bonus of a fresher smelling room as well.

Clean Your Vertical Blinds

There’s no need to dread cleaning your vertical blinds when you do it like this. Mix together equal parts of vinegar and warm water. Using a clean (cotton) sock, wipe down each slat. How much easier can it get?

Rid Your Carpet of Pet Hair

Easily rid your carpet of annoying pet hair with a squeegee. Yes, this can be a bit more time consuming than the other hacks mentioned here. But, it’s really worth it! Run the squeegee over the carpet and say good-bye to the hair.

Clean Your Glass Baking Dishes

Scrub away food residue on your glass baking dishes with aluminum foil. Scrunch a piece into a medium-sized ball and get scrubbing!

Clean Your Shower Head

Clean your shower head without elbow grease, with this easy method. Cover with and attach a vinegar-filled plastic bag to your shower head. Allow to sit overnight, before removing.

These are just a few cleaning hacks to save you time, not to mention money. Why not try one or two of them today? You’ll be glad you did!

6 Cleaning Hacks to Save Time

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