6 Frugal Lawn Care Tips That You’ll Find Extremely Helpful

6 Frugal Lawn Care Tips That You’ll Find Extremely Helpful

As interesting as gardening is, having a backyard garden and maintaining it well can be very expensive. So if you’re trying hard to make ends meet, you can’t be blamed if you’ve considered letting your garden go to pot.

However, you don’t have to give up on gardening just because you live frugally; maintaining a garden without burning a hole in your pocket is absolutely possible!

If you’re ready to learn how, read on for some amazing frugal lawn care tips.

Pave the Area

Prepping the soil, seeding, watering, fertilizing, and mowing grass regularly, and more can not only take a toll on your finances but can also take up much of your time. If you’re not up for the task, simply pave the whole garden instead of having an untidy and uncared for the garden.

Don’t keep things looking dull; you can have an outdoor grilling station or a backyard fire pit and put the space into good use. Some garden chairs and a garden table will also look great. Do grow some potted plants to complete the look!

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While getting your outdoor space paved and adding elements like a grill or fire pit will be expensive, you can consider going the DIY way to reduce costs. Even if you hire professional help to get everything done, you’re sure to save money in the long run in the form of reduced water and electricity bills.

Install Artificial Grass

As mentioned, growing natural grass will be an expensive affair. Seeding grass just once isn’t enough; you’ll have to re-seed as necessary. You’ll also have to spend money on a good lawn mower and over the years, the mower will need servicing too. And don’t forget weeds and the trouble you will have to go through to deal with them!

Having a synthetic grass instead of a real one will not only save you from spending thousands on lawn maintenance over the years, but will also add aesthetic appeal to your property.

Installing artificial grass just like paving the garden, will be expensive. However, artificial grass will pay for itself in the long term and also help you save on water, electricity, seeding, fertilizers, and more.

Be Wise When Growing Natural Grass

If you want to grow and maintain natural grass the frugal way, be sure to keep the cover thick so as to not allow weeds to grow through. Whenever you see weeds sprouting through a bald patch of grass, simply remove the weeds, agitate the soil, and sprinkle grass seeds in the area. This will not only stop weeds from growing, but you’ll also save money on weedicides.

Further, keep the grass a bit longer- don’t cut more than a third of the blade length when mowing. This will prevent grass from withering in summers, and you’ll also have to water it less often.

Be wary of over-watering grass- not only will it mean reduced water bills, watering the lawn just enough will prevent rot from setting in, and mold and mildew infestations.

Grow the Right Plants

Whether you grow plants in pots or have them rooted directly in the ground, choosing the right varieties will ensure you have a thriving garden without you having to spend loads of money.

Indigenous plants are your best bet- these plants are used to the climate of your region and as such, are bound to grow well without requiring a lot of fertilizers and maintenance. To add interest to your garden, grow a handful of other plants that will grow well with minimum maintenance in your geographic region.

Another option is to grow a variety of drought-resistant plants. Several cacti and other succulents are not only easy to care for, they also look lovely in a garden.

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Alternatively, spend money on growing a variety of vegetables and fruits that you’re sure will do well in your garden. Having an edible garden will not only look amazing, it will also mean savings on grocery bills!

Make Your Own Fertilizer

Artificial fertilizers are costly and even if you have to fertilize just a couple of potted plants, the costs will add up quickly. So avoid depending on store-bought fertilizers and make your own compost.

All you have to do is add kitchen scraps and garden waste to a compost bin and let it breakdown. Spread the compost on your lawn or add it to potted plants, and let it work its magic!

Opt for Natural Pest Control Methods

Opting for natural methods to control garden pests is not only inexpensive, it is also non-toxic. Firstly, discourage pests by ensuring all plants are healthy. Pull out ones that are weak and be sure to dry and disinfect foliage regularly.

Mites, grubs, aphids, and other insects, and mold and mildew can be eliminated by using appropriate household ingredients. In addition to this, several insects like ladybugs, praying mantises, lacewings, etc. can be introduced in your garden to eliminate specific pests.

Another alternative to eliminate pests is to use traps and barriers like a cloche, pheromone trap, or barrier paper. These pest control methods are effective as well as pocket-friendly!


Now that you’ve read these lawn care tips, you know you can have a lush garden without worrying about the costs of maintaining it. So get started tidying your backyard and give your house the facelift it deserves without spending too much money!

6 Lawn Care Tips  For Those On A Budget6 Frugal Lawn Care Tips

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