6 Tips to Save on Home Heating Costs

6 Tips to Save on Home Heating Costs

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6 Tips to Save on Home Heating Costs

If your heating costs are burning a hole in your pocket, there might be a few things that you can do to help the situation. Making some changes here and there can actually make a huge difference in your electricity bill and because we all know that heating is a necessity during those cold winter months, implementing a few tricks is our only hope to decrease electricity costs. If you too are worried about rising heating costs, then here are some of the things that you can implement to save that hard earned money:

  1. Replace Broken or Damaged Weatherstripping

 Weatherstrippings are present around windows and doors but they can be responsible for your rising heating costs if they are broken or damaged. Torn weatherstrippings are going to let cold air in by creating drafts and according to a recent survey, almost twelve percent of a house’s heating loss happens due to the gaps present in doors and windows.

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  1. Get a Better Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are really efficient in helping you save heating costs. Reduce the temperature by a few degrees (about 10 to 15) for six hours a day or more. You can do this when you are not at home or when you don’t feel too much cold. By doing this, you can see a marked difference in your electricity bills and a reduction of about ten percent or more.

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  1. Don’t Neglect the Sun

Despite the freezing winters, there are always some rays of home to reduce your heating costs. Whenever you see bright sunlight seeping through those dense clouds, leave your curtains open and let the heat soak in. This is especially more effective on the south facing side of your house because you get direct sunlight here. However, don’t forget to close the curtains and properly secure your windows during the night to prevent the entering of cold drafts of air.

  1. Heating Registers Need To Be Clear

The hot air coming out from the heat registers needs to follow an unobstructed path for the maximum efficiency. If you want your room to heat properly and evenly, take care there are no obstacles placed near the registers that might impact the air flow. A faulty furnace might also be a problem if there is a limited amount of warm air blowing. Check out furnaceusa.com to get a replacement because this might be the reason for all those high electricity costs. Your furnace and its components need to be perfect working order to maximize efficiency and reduce heating costs.

  1. Schedule an Energy Audit

If you are unable to find a single reason for the recent spike in your heating costs, get an energy audit done at home. It may come to a surprise of many, but there are professionals who can guide you and help reduce your electricity bill. It may seem like a lot of trouble and many people might not take this route because they don’t want to spend any additional money to pay the fee but this is the most efficient way to save money in the longer duration. Paying out a small fee is a not much when you can save so much in your electricity bill.

  1. Your Fireplace Might Be Responsible

When your fireplace is not in use, it might be responsible for letting that warm air escape from the chimney. Even when the flue is closed, some hot air might be escaping from the side gaps. The solution here is to buy a chimney balloon that is inflatable. You can get them on Amazon, along with installation directions and they are a great investment because they are going to save you valuable amount of money in the long run.

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The above were some tips that we hope you will apply and save valuable money on heating costs.

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