7 Gift Ideas That Always Work

Christmas Gifts

Don’t you love it when you find the perfect gift for someone? But it usually happens right after his or her birthday, right? And Christmas shopping usually starts with high hopes and finishes in frustration.

I want to help you today. These gifts will result in ecstatic screams from the recipient no matter what the occasion.

Sometimes you simply need a little inspiration. So keep this list at hand at all times. You’ll know when you find THAT gift.

For the Family: Foosball

You’ll never think of buying it for yourself. Why? Because you think it’s extravagant and too different.

But isn’t that what a gift should be? And don’t all families deserve something special?

Get a foosball table for your family first. When you see how much fun others have with your gift you’ll regret not investing in your own first.

Here are a few pointers to help you pick:

  • You get table top units without legs. These are ideal when you have limited space available and can’t allocate an area to it 24/7. They can easily be stored and transported.
  • Invest in quality items so you don’t see wear and tear after a short while. Embedded detail lasts longer than paint or stickers.
  • Pick a height suited to all family members. Adjustable legs are excellent features for family—non professional—use.

Still unsure about what foosball table to pick? Thescoutingreport.org will tell you all you need to know. 

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For the Workaholic: A Massage Unit or a Desk

No, you don’t want to remind your friends of their stressful work. But I believe gifts should be functional. And what better way to brighten someone’s day than making their work day easier?

Pain and tension are part of most people’s lives these days. Why don’t we manage it better? Some people simply don’t take the time to find solutions:

  • A mobile massage set can be used anywhere. Combatting this problem will make them more productive. Your friends will love that you care enough to help fight their back and shoulder pain.
  • Standing desks are becoming more popular. People may love their work and healthy living equally. But they don’t always have time to pursue both. A standing desk helps you burn more calories. High end models allow for both sitting and standing.

Anyone who loves their work will appreciate your help to get more done in a day.

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For the Fitness Fanatic: A Smart Water Bottle

I saw this in a store and thought it was preposterous. But I don’t exercise often so it’s irrelevant to my life.

Then I started noticing smart water bottles all around me. So apparently it’s what your fit friends need at the moment:

  • Some are customized so you can carry personal items in secret compartments
  • The bottle can track your exercise statistics such as steps taken or your heart rate
  • Always make sure the bottle can keep water cool for long

What makes these gifts different is that they align with your friends’ unique lifestyles. They’ll appreciate the relevancy and the interest you take in their lives. That’s even more important than the gift itself.

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For a Child: 3D Printing

I admit this makes my inner child come alive.

In any gadget store a 3D pen attracts my attention first. I love this as a children’s gift because it’s so versatile. Both my creative niece and my very logical nephew love using theirs. They can craft fantasy figures or attempt well planned projects.

It’s also something the whole family can enjoy.

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For the Readers: Reading Accessories

When I saw this I wondered why no one thought of this before: A transparent book weight.

It’s heavy enough to weigh down book pages and the see through substance allows you to read easily. It’s ideal for:

  • Reading while the wind is blowing
  • Reading while you’re on an exercise bicycle
  • Reading a recipe while your hands are busy mixing ingredients
  • Reading instructions while attempting a DIY project

If I don’t get one this Christmas I’m buying one for myself.

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For the Fashionistas:

Lovers of fashion never have enough clothing, décor or accessories. The benefit is you can buy almost anything. They’ll love the gift as long as they can show off with it.

But how do you make sure your gift is memorable? They usually buy items they can use every day, depending on their unique lifestyles. Think about something they won’t purchase for themselves.

What about:

  • Personalized luggage tags for their next trip.
  • An old school camera they can take classic selfies with.
  • Fashionable, fur embellished ear phones. It’s THE new fashion item. I promise you.
  • Search online for the latest pictures of the fashionista’s celebrity idols. What are they wearing? Can you find something similar?

Fashion will always evolve. Knowing someone’s personal preferences results in timeless gifts.

For the Foodie:  

We’re not all natural chefs. Thank your foodie friends who always make excellent dishes for everyone else by giving the perfect gift. Keep them inspired too so they keep on entertaining your taste buds:

  • A waterproof notepad so they can remember what ingredients to buy, even if a new recipe comes to them in the shower.
  • Edible ink pens so their food can be decorated to look as good as it tastes.

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For Anyone in the Modern World:

What is the most horrific moment of your day? When your Smartphone’s battery goes flat, right? And of course your charger will be at home on the day you need it!

There are many power banks on the market that serve as substitutes for power outlets. But I need one I can carry with me all the time.

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Luckily your friends’ problems are solved when you get them power banks that fit on their key chains. It’s something no one should be without. And because it’s on your keys, you’ll never leave home without power again.

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