7 Ways to Earn Extra Income every Month

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You may have been used to bringing home full time wages and being feeling the pinch as a mum working part time or even not at all. Of course you can live frugally and be more aware of what to spend money on. But, a better solution is to earn extra money.

7 Ways to Earn Extra Income every Month

Fortunately there are 7 ways to earn extra income every month that can really help you to afford those essentials or extras that you need.

1. Blogs

Creating a blog is surprisingly easy. You simply need to create a website and a landing page. But the landing page must be effective at directing visitors to do what you want them to.

You can then add content and connect with people on social media to start earning money by selling your products or selling affiliate products.

However, you should note that it does take time to build a following which will give you the extra income you seek.

2. Online Surveys

This is actually quite an easy way to earn a little extra money. You can do it in the evening while watching television. All you need to do is sign up to a survey company. You’ll be paid between $5 and $15 for every survey you complete. Each survey should take approximately 15 minutes.

3. Install Apps

You probably already have a lot of different apps on your cell phone. But, you may not know that there are companies that will actually pay you to install an app and keep it on your phone. Most of the apps will track your spending and purchasing habits to improve a company’s understanding of their customers.

4. Test Websites

Almost everything can now be bought online. In order for companies to be certain that there latest marketing strategy or design is easy to use and will actually be successful they need to test it before they release it to the world.

You can be their guinea pig and get paid to do it!

5. Transcriber

It is possible to make money by taking audio and turning it into text. There are many companies that need people to do this and all you need to do is be a good typist.

You may be typing up minutes, marketing plans or a host of other information. It’s simple and pays!

6. Design An App

This may sound like something that is only feasible for computer programmers. However; the truth is that virtually anyone can design an app. You’ll need to come up with an app idea that doesn’t already exist and will be of benefit to plenty of people.

You’ll then need to use an app builder to create the actual app and its functions without needing to know the code yourself. Then it’s simply a case of releasing it and telling everyone about it; hopefully this will drive people to look at it and purchase it.

7. Join YouTube

If you like making short but entertaining videos then you should consider creating your own YouTube account. You can then upload videos; even funny ones of your children can be used! The more they are viewed the more money you’ll make.

You will also be able to add ads after you’ve got over 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of views within 12 months. This will increase your earnings potential and the attractiveness of this extra income opportunity.

It may take time to establish yourself with any of these income earning methods but if you think longer term it is possible and very satisfying.

Ways To Earn Extra Money

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