8 Gift Ideas for Childcare Providers

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Childcare providers assume the responsibility of taking care and watching over children while their parents are at work. Gifts for childcare providers should be based on their likes and preferences. During your interactions with your son or daughter’s teacher you can get a sense of what he/she likes based on your conversations.

Listed below are some ideas that can help you find gifts for your child’s daycare provider.

Coffee Mug

A coffee mug is an ideal gift to give a childcare provider if he/she is an avid coffee or tea drinker. Personalized mugs are now available in stores such as Walmart. There are lot of designs to choose from, some designs are signs of the zodiac, occupations or inspirational sayings and quotations. Surely, your childcare provider would enjoy this type of gift every time he/she desires a drink of coffee or tea.

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A watch is also an ideal gift to give your child’s caregiver because in this line of work time is valuable. Giving a watch allows the teacher to keep track of his/her daily schedule. For example, if he/she has to provide children with medication or when it’s time to go on a break or to end the day’s activities.

Planner / Organizer

A planner/ organizer allows childcare providers to list their weekly schedule and activities. With this gift, the caregiver can plan ahead.

Gift Certificate to the Spa

Caregivers would really a spa treatment at the end of a tiring and stressful work week. A time to relax and unwind is beneficial to them. A free spa treatment as a gift for a childcare provider will be greatly appreciated.

Overnight Bag

Another great gift for a childcare provider is an overnight bag in order for him/her to have a place to store his/her personal items while traveling These bags come in handy during overnight stays for business or personal matters.


If your child’s caregiver is an avid book reader, then a gift of a book will be ideal in this case. Books for an avid reader help the individual to relax, unwind and move into his/her comfort zone.

Movie Tickets

Movies have been a form of relaxation for many people and caregivers are no exception. Childcare providers would surely enjoy a trip to the movie theater especially if they are provided with free movie tickets as they can loosen up and de-stress.

Mobile Phone

Caregivers who are always on the go are sometimes hard to reach especially if they do not have a mobile phone of their own. For that reason, a mobile phone is a perfect gift to give to your child’s teacher. This type of gift works two ways. It is beneficial to the employer as he/she can contact the caregiver and the caregiver has a gadget for communication that he/she can use to keep in contact with clients and family members.

From the suggestions listed above, hopefully you can find something within your budget that suits your childcare giver’s tastes and needs.

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