A Review of the Westgate New York Grand Central Hotel

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Staying in New York City is a truly unique experience. Of course, it also can bring about some very specific problems. For one, it isn’t always easy to find the right accommodations for your stay. In a city with so many hotel options, this can seem a bit silly. Still, you may be surprised to learn how few of the places to stay in Manhattan meets the criteria of an excellent hotel. If you’re looking for a place to stay that will exceed your expectations, the Westgate New York Grand Central Hotel could be the perfect fit.

Westgate NYC at Grand Central Terminal

This review takes a look at the qualities of excellent hotel experiences and explores how this location hits each mark. Consider the information listed here when the time comes to book a room for your own visit.

A Warm Experience

No matter where in the world you may be traveling, it is very important that the other you stay at feels welcoming. Nothing is worse than walking into a room and feeling like the place is cold and impersonal. This can make it difficult for you to relax and sink into your trip. The beauty of the Westgate New York Grand Central Hotel is that the staff goes above and beyond to ensure guests feel right at home from the moment they first enter the lobby of the building. This goes a long way to making you feel comfortable early.

Westgate NYC at Grand Central Terminal

Not only does the staff showcase exceptional attention to detail in regards to your comfort, but each employee is also a font of knowledge on how to enjoy your time in the Big Apple. Whether you are looking for suggestions on what Broadway show to see or you’d love to visit a little restaurant away from the crowds of midtown, all you have to do is ask and a member of the staff will provide you with helpful and honest information you can use to shape the direction your trip takes.

Quiet Yet Exciting

When you visit New York City, you are going to realize a few things. For one, the city always has something going on. Whether it is the middle of the day or the late hours of the night, Manhattan is known for being an active environment. One of the best reasons to consider staying at Westgate NYC at Grand Central Terminal is because it is located in close proximity to a wide range of New York attractions. Located right near Grand Central Station, you can find countless ways to enjoy your time in the city simply by taking a walk,

Westgate NYC at Grand Central Terminal

While it can be wonderful to know your hotel is situated near an array of exciting things to do, you also might worry that this will create problems. When you’re located near all the action, the natural assumption is that the noise levels will be high. The beauty of staying at the Westgate New York Grand Central Hotel is that it is an oasis in the middle of the madness. You will be able to rest easy without being bothered by any of the wild sounds of the city drifting up from the streets. 

Organized and Ordered

Finally, nothing beats a clean and organized hotel room. Walking into a dingy room can easily ruin your entire vacation. When you are staying in an unfamiliar environment, simple things like clean sheets, fresh towels, and a bright atmosphere can make all the difference to your enjoyment. Staying at the Westgate New York Grand Central Hotel means you can always expect a room that is as ordered and organized as it is clean and inviting. The rooms are so clean that you might forget you’re staying in New York City.

Though New York City is one of the largest and most active cities on the planet, booking the right hotel room can often prove to be a complicated endeavor. You want to feel comfortable in whatever room you select and there are several key factors that can play into your ultimate decision. Take your time and consider what’s out there. The next time your travels take you to NYC, be sure to check out the Westgate New York Grand Central Hotel and explore what these sensational accommodations can do for your experience. 

Review of the Westgate New York Grand Central Hotel

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