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Athleisure Brands that Offer Buy Now Pay Later

Athleisure Brands that Offer Buy Now Pay Later

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There’s nothing quite as satisfying as slipping into a pair of comfy, curve-hugging leggings. In recent years, we’ve seen more people blur the lines between what they wear to the gym and what they wear for a normal day out. You see people sporting yoga tops to the grocery store even if they didn’t just hit up a yoga class.

What is Althleisure? 

This trend is called Athleisure, and we are totally here for it. Athleisure is defined as casual clothing that works for both working out and going out. Some examples are sports bras, joggers, sweatshirts, tank tops, leggings and t-shirts. Essentially, you’re taking gym clothes out of the gym and making them cute (and a little less sweaty). It’s using those uber flattering activewear silhouettes and turning them into a legit outfit. It’s saying “no” to jeans and “yes” to breathable, heavenly yoga pants. It’s combining comfort with style and dressing in a way that makes moving through your day ridiculously easy.

How to Wear Athleisure Clothing? 

You May Be Wondering…How Do I Embrace This Style Without Looking Messy?

Your options are endless. By shopping for more neutral-colored activewear, you can avoid looking like you stepped out of an ‘80s workout video. For example, black leggings and grey t-shirts go with everything. Another way to style a chic athleisure look is to show off your assets. Opt for a cropped workout top if you love your midsection, then pair it with some leggings and fashionable sneakers to elevate the look.

Is Athleisure only for the Gym? 

Lastly, find athleisure that’s meant for leaving the gym. With a trend this widespread, many companies are making daily clothes with activewear comfort. You can even find stretchy blazers at Athleta that look like the real deal. The trick to looking stylish in athleisure is to go for quality and incorporate your style into your activewear. If, on a daily basis, you’re a little more bohemian, try on some styles from FP Movement. If you like something a little more quirky, check out the fun prints at Sweaty Betty. When you choose high-quality pieces, they’ll fit your body beautifully and look like they’re custom made for you. Nothing makes a day better than some leg-sculpting leggings from Lululemon.

The Golden Rule: At the end of the day, if you’re feeling confident in your activewear, then you’re doing it right!

Buy Now Pay Later Athleisure Brands

Let’s be real though, nice, booty-hugging activewear can be expensive. Dropping $100 on a hoodie or pair of joggers can be pretty steep. Luckily, you don’t have to downgrade from your favorite activewear retailers…you can use Buy Now, Pay Later or BNPL. When you purchase something using BNPL, you get to take the item home immediately after paying ¼ of the price. Then, you make the other 3 payments over the course of a couple of months (depending on the company). The payments are interest-free, so you’re paying the same amount; you just don’t need to have everything upfront.

Learn more about BNPL in this article. Some of the most famous BNPL companies are Afterpay and Klarna. Afterpay splits items into 4 payments, paid in installments 2 weeks apart.

Klarna works the exact same way, and even lets the shopper make minor modifications to their payment plan. Now, activewear is easy to purchase. Some items that we’re currently crazy about are Athleta’s Salutation Stash Leggings and this Girlfriend Collective Sports Bra.

Does Under Armour have Afterpay?

No, the Under Armour website does not offer Afterpay. You can still buy now pay later on the Under Armour site with the following flexible payment methods: Klarna, Paypal credit and Apple Pay.

Under Armour Men's Tech 2.0 1/2 Zip-Up Long Sleeve T-Shirt , Carbon Heather (090)/Black , Large

Under Armour Afterpay & Klarna at JD Sports

If you are only approved for Afterpay and are looking for specific Under Armour shoes, sandals, leggings, jackets and want to discover other athleisure favorites, we recommend shopping the brand on the JD Sports site. They offer both Afterpay and Klarna programs.

Find the full chart below and see which cutting edge athleisure brands also take BNPL financing.

Popular Athleisure Brands 

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