Athletic Greens Vs Organifi – Which is the Best for You?

You probably have heard that superfoods like vegetable and fruits are good for your mental and physical wellbeing when taken fresh. What you might not have heard is the fact that there exist their powdered versions which are equally as beneficial as the fresh superfoods. The powders are easily mixed with water or juice. The nutrients are well preserved in their natural state to guarantee you maximum benefits.

Some of the beneficial nutrients to expect from the powders are vitamins, antioxidants, mineral salts, and polyphenols. Collectively, these nutrients repair cell damage, provide immunity, and to boost energy.


Today, the most dominant brands are Athletic Greens and Organifi. So, which of the two is best for you? Here’s a brief overview of the two.

Athletic Greens

Athletics Greens is essentially designed for people who are looking for a physical and mental energy boost. Thus, it’s an ideal supplement for students and pro athletes. It’s also a great choice for weight loss candidates.

Here are the basics:

  • Nutritional profile: A single serving of this powder contains 4.8g carbs, 4g proteins, 1.9g fiber, and 40 calories. The most notable minerals are selenium, manganese, and chromium. Overall, the main attraction is the presence of vitamins. The powder contains 700% Vitamin C, 300% Vitamin E, 100% Vitamin B, and 80% Vitamin A.
  • Health benefits: Athletics Greens contain high levels of adaptogens such as ashwagandha, mushroom extracts, and ginseng. The adaptogens are essential in boosting mental and physical energy. Additionally, the vitamins promote immunity while the probiotic bacteria aids in digestion.
  • Taste: The powder comes in a very exciting taste. It’s a blend of vanilla, pineapple, ginger, and papaya. So, if you are a fan of any of these flavors, then you are likely to enjoy Athletics Green.
  • Price: The powder comes in a sac (roughly 30 servings) at $90-$110. It’s slightly expensive if compared to most superfood powders. However, you can spend less on the sacs if you subscribe to a monthly plan or if you use the new Athletic Greens discount codes.


Organific is essentially designed to be used as a nutritional supplement to support metabolism. It can be used by anyone who is looking for a healthy lifestyle. The product is non-GMO, gluten-free, and soy-free. So, it’s ideally a natural supplement. Here are the basics:

  • Nutritional profile: Generally, the nutritional profile for Organifi is not as detailed as that of Athletic Greens. However, this doesn’t make the powder inferior. A single serving contains 4g carbs, 2g proteins, 4g fiber, and 30 calories. In terms of minerals, the major ones are 11% iron, 3% calcium, and 1% sodium. The problem is that there are zero vitamins.
  • Health benefits: Though Organifi lacks vitamins, it’s rich in antioxidants and beneficial nutrients which promote immunity, detoxification, and stress alleviation. The powder also helps to slow down brain degeneration.
  • Taste: The powder has a grassy You are likely to notice it tasting like orange, lemon or mint. So, if you enjoy herbal drinks, you are likely to enjoy the Organifi flavor. However, it’s tastier if taken hot or cold and not lukewarm.
  • Price: Currently, a tub (roughly 30 servings) costs $60-$80. Compared to Athletic Greens, Organifi is clearly the cheaper option. You are likely to pay a lower price if you subscribe to a monthly plan or if you get the opportunity to claim the latest Organifi coupons.

It’s clearly a battle of the Titans when looking at Athletic Greens and Organifi. It’s not easy to choose between the two. However, the absence of vitamins and the presence of high levels of antioxidants make Organifi a great nutritional supplement for boosting metabolism. As for Athletic Greens, the presence of so many vitamins makes it a great fit for boosting immunity and for overall wellbeing.

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