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How to Find the Best Long Distance Moving Companies Online

How to Find the Best Long Distance Moving Companies Online

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Moving companies play a significant role in making the daunting task of moving households easier and more convenient. They will handle your logistics to give you the much-needed peace of mind and time to focus on your errands. Even more, long distance moving companies will save you money, manage your packing, guarantee the safety of your belongings, and take care of unexpected eventualities.

However, finding a moving company that offers all these benefits is no mean task. Long-distance relocations are even more challenging. Thus, finding the best long-distance moving companies online remains an uphill task.

We come to your rescue with this detailed guide. The following tips will help you find the best long distance moving company;

1. Check for Reliability and Good Reputation

It is less likely that you already know of a moving company. If you have already used one in the past, the chances are that you did not have a good experience with them. That could be why you are looking for a new long-distance moving company.

However, knowing the reputation of a company you are yet to interact with is not easy. Luckily, some of these companies have online reviews from previous customers that will give you a picture of how the company treats its clients. Read what other clients say about their experience with the company. Focus on customer service, reliability, and success rate.

You will find these on reputable review websites. Businesses with more negative reviews than positive reviews will disappoint you. Besides, such companies will not give you value for the money. Choose companies with ratings of more than 3.5 out of a possible.

2. Service Area

Another vital consideration is to check whether the company covers your location and your destination. While this may seem obvious, not all companies cover all areas. You could be spending too much time researching a company that does not cover your geographical location of choice.

An ideal long-distance mover should cover all the states. Check the number of states a company covers. While many companies can often exaggerate their coverage area, more states on the list are always a good sign. Enter the exact details of the region you want covered to ascertain that the company can deliver.

3. Pricing and Affordability

Pricing is another crucial factor when looking for the best long-distance moving company. A good company should not have too low prices. Likewise, do not go for companies with unimaginably too low prices. We all want to cut our expenditure. However, you do not want to risk trusting a company that could be using low prices as bait.

Interestingly, most long-distance movers have elaborate online quote systems. You can compare the pricing of various companies by entering all your specific details. Most moving companies will call you back or email you their final quotes.

In nearly all cases, the pricing or quote will depend on the following factors;

  • The distance of the relocation
  • Size of your home
  • Number of fragile or unique items or types of goods
  • Inclusion or exclusion of packing services
  • Inclusion of auto transportation

4. Cancellation Policy

You have plans to move households. However, things happen, and you may need to cancel your booking before the D-day. What is the company's cancellation policy say about this? Familiarizing yourself with the company's cancellation policy helps avoid frustrations and disagreement if you want to cancel your booking.

Both you and the company should abide by the agreements in the cancelation policy to avoid a bad experience. Of course, some companies may not give you a total refund if you cancel your booking a few days before the scheduled date. They might have used part of your deposit on logistics, such as booking drivers.

5. Auto Transportation

Long-distance movers not only move household items. They can also move vehicles. This service comes in handy if you are not a perfect driver. It is also a solution for anyone moving homes before acquiring the proper licenses and insurance. Besides, auto-moving saves your car from unnecessary wear and tear.

Trust a reliable company to transport your automobile to your new destination. But first, it is essential to confirm if the company offers those services.

6. Insurance and Safety

Both local and long-distance moving involves a lot of unexpected challenges. What will the company do if they are liable for damage to your property? Does the company guarantee the security of your property against loss of misplacement? Does the company have any insurance against injuries to their staff?

A reputable long-distance mover should have the correct licenses from the U.S. Department of Transportation. It should also have insurance against property loss or damage. Again, find out if your company of choice has insurance against staff injuries.


With so many long-distance movers currently available online, finding a company that fits your specifications and does the work right can be a nightmare. But with the above tips, you will find the best long-distance company for office or home relocation.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.