Brilliant Small Space Hacks: Budget Home Organization Tips and Tricks

Brilliant Small Space Hacks - Budget Home Organization Tips and Tricks

Decorating and organizing your home is something that most people enjoy doing. However, when you’re dealing with a smaller space, organizing and decorating requires smart planning and creative thinking. The following tips will help you create extra space in compact homes while keeping you within budget.

Have a Junk Drawer

Restaurant menus make their way to your home one way or another, and rather than address them immediately, by recycling or storing them in an orderly manner, we keep them lying around the kitchen, until they pile up into an unmanageable mess. Along with take-out menus and shopping catalogs, we even leave small post-it notes and miscellaneous receipts lying all over the house.

When you are living in a smaller home, all these small bits of paper can give the effect of a very unorganized home. A great way to keep yourself organized is to keep all these bits of paper in a drawer that is assigned for this specific reason. You can even go a step further and sort all these bits of paper into categories and keep the sorted items in a separate folder or drawer.

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Keep Kitchen Counters Clear

A great way to instantly make your kitchen appear clean and clutter-free is to keep your kitchen counters clear. Don’t leave clean dishes lying on top of the counters and place any packaged food in the pantry. Having dedicated areas in the kitchen for different types of items will make it much easier to organize everything. Keep all your daily utensils in one place, your baking accessories in another and your fancy china in a safe place away from any children.

The kitchen sink is another easily overlooked part of the kitchen which can easily become a breeding ground for germs and can instantly appear dirty to anyone who enters your kitchen. So, try to scrub it clean at the end of every day. A sparkling sink and clear, clean counters will make your kitchen look instantly organized.

Detox the Fridge

If you are faced with a barrage of expired food and leftovers every time you open the fridge, it’s a clear sign that you need to organize your fridge. When your fridge is full of unusable goods, you won’t have space to store the foods you actually need to consume. Instead, post a list of items you are running out of and on the fridge door, so you know exactly what you need to buy the next time you go to the supermarket.

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Home Library

Because most people don’t have an entire room dedicated to a home library, a bookshelf or multiple book shelves are the next most likely option. If you have a bookshelf overflowing with books of all shapes and sizes, first organize everything either by color or by height. If you have books that you have never touched and don’t plant to, donate it to someone who will want to read it. Alternatively, donate any books that are too old to be used, the ones whose pages are falling off.

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This is probably one of the biggest problem areas that people with small closets and too many clothes will face. Go through your entire wardrobe by first taking everything you own out of the closet. Next, create a few piles of clothes. One pile will contain all the clothes you have not worn in the last six months. These can be either donated or thrown away.

Go through the remaining clothes and make outfits, for example, shirts and pants which go together. These can be hung or folded together. Not only will this save time when getting dressed in the morning, but it will also allow you to decrease the size of your closet, keeping only those clothes which you will definitely wear.

Aim to keep only those clothes which you actually wear regularly. By reducing the size of your closet, you will save money and space as well. Make sure you try on all your clothes to see if everything still fits properly. Don’t hold onto clothes purely for sentimental value and donate anything that was fashionable last year but which never quite fit you correctly. Stop buying outfits based on trends and aim to invest in classic pieces instead.

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If you have children in the house, keep their toy room organized by putting everything in designated bins to prevent build-up of mess on the floor. It’s also a simple way to get small children to clean up after themselves.

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Beneath the Staircase

In a small home, a great place to get extra storage space is under the staircase. The space underneath the staircase can be transformed from boring to brilliant. You can install a few shelves or add a cabinet for extra storage space. This can be a place to store fancy cutlery, extra linen or a spare alcohol cabinet. When living in a smaller home, thinking outside the box can lead to some wonderful results.

Living in a smaller home doesn’t have to mean clutter everywhere. With a few well thought-out organizing ideas, you can transform any home into a spacious one.

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