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Cheap Ways To Boost Your Home’s Value

Cheap Ways To Boost Your Home’s Value

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Before putting your house on sale, try to increase its value. Those improvements won’t cost you a lot and there’s so much you can gain. Instead of a large-scale refurbishing, you should work on inexpensive DIY solutions. Below are some affordable and highly valuable tips and tricks for boosting your home’s value. Go ahead and inform yourself before sticking the sign in your lawn.

Start With Painting Jobs

Your first effort considering boosting home’s value should be oriented toward the interior. Facelifting should start from walls, so make sure to paint your rooms. This action won’t cost you too much but it will be very important and noticeable to your potential buyer. Make sure to avoid strong eye-catching colors. You should settle with something more soothing. The best choice is a neutral palette, but keep in mind to avoid terracotta and dark brown. All other shades from that palette are more suitable.

Improve the Appliances Set

Your kitchen should be your first priority. Most of the people who seek a new home will spend the most time viewing the kitchen. You don’t want to lose the sweet deal because some of your appliances are outdated. Before buying new items, make sure to fix everything that can be fixed. It is desirable that your kitchen elements share the same color pattern. So if you have an oven that is red and everything else is beige, make sure to replace it with the matching one.

Replace Old Door Knobs

This might look irrelevant, but door knob is the first thing a new buyer will touch. You don’t want to have those that can jam or stay in one‘s hand. Make sure to replace all old knobs, and it will be a nice touch to uniform, so all knobs in the house can be the same. That’s a very affordable trick, but it can boost the value a bit. While working on knobs, you may replace those on your kitchen cabinets as well.

Improve Home Lighting

There are a lot of ways to work on the lighting. It will probably be enough to put new bulbs and replace outdated switch plates. Your potential customer will be happy to see new and bright lamps, so make sure to add a few more here and there.

Get Outside for a While

Stand in front of your house and try to think like your buyer. Do you like what you see? Is the front lawn clean and tidy? If not, get yourself a big plastic bag and start picking up those leaves. Once you’ve cut the grass, you may start cleaning your porch and front door. Keep in mind that the first impression can be the most important one. You may try to improve the landscape with some low maintenance plants. These will make a better first impression and make you some more money.

Don’t Damage Anything When Moving

In case you decide to move before selling the house, make sure to instruct and monitor everybody included. The overall value will decrease in case of any damage. The professionals from Sydney dealing with removals recommend planning ahead. Have a walk around your house and try to predict what can go wrong. Make sure to cover the wall and flooring before moving big pieces of furniture. With that effort, you’ll be able to protect both, the house and your stuff. A detailed moving plan will surely save you a lot of time and money.

Improve the Front Door

Another inexpensive but very valuable solution is painting the front door. Do everything in your power to make your house welcoming and attractive. The looks of your front door can affect the overall value. If you want to have a better impact on buyer’s decision, go ahead and buy a brand new front door. It shouldn’t cost you more than you can earn. This effort is more acceptable if your old door is really in a bad state and beyond facelifting.

Make Sure to Declutter

One of the most important maneuvers you can do to boost your home’s value is to declutter it. Get rid of all the accumulated papers, documents, magazines. You’ll need to have a setting that is appealing at the first glance. It’s not recommended to leave your house buried under random items. You should rather move everything to its place, take care of the dust and open up as much space as you can.


Every single one of the tips and tricks mentioned above is very cheap and doable. They will surely improve your chances of selling your house faster and getting a much better price for it. You’ll need just a few more days of light work in order to set up everything. Once you’re done, give a call to your agent and selling can begin.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.