How to Create a Luxurious Bathroom

Master bathroom with glass shower

Nothing quite compares to closing the bathroom door, sliding into a hot bath and allowing bodily tension to melt away. To help you enjoy a relaxing retreat within the home, we’re offering some top tips on how to create a luxurious bathroom.

Luxury Lighting

The lighting you choose will determine your mood. For instance, dimmers will allow you to turn a bright light into a romantic atmosphere in an instant. While a beautiful chandelier can add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom, which you will never want to leave. Find bathroom lighting online that complements your personality and style; turn a humble home into a luxury abode.

Fluff Up Your Bathroom

Who needs to visit a hotel when you can create your own spa-like oasis in your home? You’ll love nothing more than sliding out the bath and placing your feet onto a soft, fluffy bath rug. The more luxurious your towels and rugs feel against your skin, the more indulgent your bathroom ritual will be.

Engage Your Senses

Why not incorporate your favorite candle scent across your bathroom for Feng Shui, which you can appreciate when enjoying a well-earned bubble bath? Scatter the candles across the bathroom to create a romantic atmosphere that engages all your senses. If you don’t like the idea of burning candles, create a beautiful bathroom aroma using a scented diffuser or potpourri.

Incorporate Elegant Seating

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you could always incorporate seating into your bathroom design. For instance, an ottoman or small stool will add an extra splash of refinement to a bathroom, where you can sit to remove your makeup, moisturize or brush your teeth.

Add a Beautiful Work of Art

Many people fail to add a little bit of their personality into their bathroom design. As you will spend many an hour in the room, try to put your own stamp on the space. For instance, a beautiful work of art will bring the room together. What’s more, it will create a focal point in the bathroom that will impress your guests.

Switch to a Rainfall Showerhead

There is no point creating a beautiful bathroom only to spoil the design with a big, bulky showerhead. One of the most luxurious options you can choose is the rainfall showerhead, as it offers an elegant design that works in harmony with a sophisticated interior.

Invest in a Bathtub Tray

Can you imagine anything better than sliding into a hot bath with a good book, a glass of wine and a loofah? We thought not. However, you will need somewhere to store those luxurious items, which is why you should invest in a wooden bathtub tray. This will allow you to grab everything you need to enjoy a relaxing soak in a bath.

The Little Details

It’s the little details that can make a big difference to your bathroom. From a gold tufted bathtub to sophisticated taps, luxury fixtures can transform your bathroom into an opulent space that you’ll dream about after a busy day at work.

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