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14 Ways To Find Great Spa Deals

14 Ways To Find Great Spa Deals

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Studies have shown that the regularity of visiting a spa is directly linked with better quality sleep, fewer sick days, reduced absenteeism from work and fewer hospitalizations.

However, some people see something like having a spa treatment every once in a while as an extra, inessential splurge. So here’s the good news: You can actually enjoy spa treatments and its benefits without going broke. How? Look for promos and deals so you can get a little discount.

Though may sound easy and exciting, these deals cannot be found easily, you have to exert effort to get one. But there are ways on how to enjoy the spa without getting broke. Just continue reading and follow the tips that we have for you to get your next spa day deal. 

1. Watch for Spa Week

Spa week is a semi-annual event that you can take advantage of. All of the treatments are priced for only fifty dollars. You can only find the best deals during this week.

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2. Sign up for e-mails from Your Favorite Spa

 Normally, spas do not advertise their deals freely to the public. But if you are a regular customer, you can subscribe to their e-mails or texts so you can receive their special discounts. Through these, you can catch up with their last-minute offers, classes, or lectures.

3. Join Spa Deals Sites

 There are couple of sites where you can get discount vouchers. Sites SpaFinder and SpaWeek are just some of the examples. Additionally, there are other sites that you can find discount coupons like Living Social and Groupon spa deals but they are not exclusive to spas so be prepared to receive emails from non-spa businesses.

4. Travel Off-Season

 If you want to maximize your relaxation and get a massage and be on a vacation on a same time, try traveling during off seasons because prices are significantly lower. Also, there are only few people doing this so you can enjoy the place and its relaxing ambience even more.

5. Ask About Off-Peak Rates and Other Specials

 Some spas give discounts when you go there during the time that the demand is lower. Such as Monday to Thursday or during 2:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon. You can also book your session in advance so you do not have to wait when you get there.

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6. Join a Club

 There are organizations where you can join so you can get a treatment for just $50. The thing is, most of their therapists are just beginners so if you find someone who fits the style you like, it is already a good deal for you.

7. Join a Reward Program

 Some spa programs reward their regular customers. For instance, when you are able to visit them for the 10th time, your next visit will be free. And that is already a 10% discount! So be sure to take advantage of these offers.

8. Look for “Locals” Program

 Spas in big communities offer discounts for those who are living in the community. You just have to show any ID that can prove that you are actually living in the area.

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9. Ask for Group Rates

 Other spa gives discount if you bring a friend with you. While certain spas give group packages like if you are a group of six, you just have to pay for five people and the 6th one is free. You can also try to negotiate with a spa if they don’t have existing package like that. Some centers have a spa software POS that can automatically register and alert promos, so you don’t have to remind the attendant.

10. Buy a Series 

Treatment that need a series such as wax or laser hair removal are usually cheaper when you divide the whole package into separate treatments. But it will not be a good deal if you do not need all the treatments that are included in the series.

11. Find a Small Day Spa

 If you are looking for just basic treatments, looking for a smaller spa is ideal because they are usually cheaper than bigger and more prominent spas out there.

12. See a Private Practitioner

 If you just need a good body massage, it can be more advisable to hire a private practitioner. Since they are not paying rent and other expenses, they usually charge lower. They are also typically more experienced. The downside is, they don’t have the extravagant tools and the ambiance a real spa can offer.

13. Spend the Day at a Resort Spa

 If you get into a resort spa, get there early to be able to fully take advantage of all the amenities that they have like steam, sauna, and relaxation lounge.

14. Let the Students Work on You

 This can really save you money because you can get treatments for as low as $25-40. The obvious disadvantage is, beginners will work for you and they are bound to make mistakes. But if you are really on a budget, you can try to do this and just communicate freely to the student therapist so you can find a relaxing session without getting broke.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.