Some Frugal Redecorating Tips That Can Make Your Home Look Different

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Are you bored with the same look and décor of your house and the rooms? Are you planning to do some redesigning and redecoration of the house and the rooms to break the monotony and make the interiors look new and fresh? But, are you a little hard pressed on the expense factor that is related to the redecorations? If your answer is affirmative for all the above mentioned questions, then do not worry at all. There are many frugal redecorating tips that can help in changing the look of your room greatly without much expenditure.

Some of the most important tips are as follows:

  • Plan of doing something with the color of the walls in the rooms. One great idea is to paint a single wall in some vibrant and dark shade and keep the other three walls and the ceiling in simple light shades. This will itself highlight the room in a great manner. On the same wall, you can put up some nice decorative items. If you have a flat television, even that can be mounted on the dark colored wall.
  • Use simple picture frames for the walls. Usually the simple frames are not much expensive. However, while buying the frames, keep in mind that they should look good on the wall. It is best if you apply wall paper of any kind on the walls and then buy the frames in a way that they look like being bought as a complete set. Do not clutter the wall with pictures. Put up the pictures in symmetrical shapes and see your room change with this simple change.
  • Displaying various kinds of antiques and show pieces in the sitting or the living room can make the place look really good. Some of these items might be there in your house only, lying in some corner. An old candle stand, flower vase, some small knick knacks that you had avoided for so long, can easily be displayed in the living room. However, it has to be done in a smart manner so that they look like rare antique stuffs.
  • Collages are very attractive as they have many moments captured in a single frame. You can make a collage with your favorite pictures and have it printed and framed. However, the collage for the wall has to be a little bigger. One such bright collage on the wall is enough to brighten up your room. Do not overdo by putting many collages together as it will make the place look clumsy.
  • Is your living room jammed with different kinds of things? To give an instant makeover to an interior, the best idea is to remove the unnecessary clutter and some redundant items that are just there but have never actually been used. You can also change the settings of the chairs, tables and the sofas or just change their covers and cushions. These small things help in imparting a complete new look to your room. This way you can keep your costs in check, remove clutter from your room and still enjoy a renewed interior.

Hanna is a young web enthusiast, she loves designing and crafting as well, and absolutely adores her bathroom. She has given it a distinct teenage feel to the bathroom with a pink cast iron tub, bath pillows and bath racks.

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