6 Fun and Frugal Thank You Gifts

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Whether you've just had a wedding, a house-warming party or are looking for a gift for a host, you may have occasion to come up with a great idea for a thank-you gift. While you can send something elaborate and expensive, why not make it a bit more personal? Here are five ideas for a fun and frugal thank you gift:

1. DVDs

If you've recently gotten married, had a baby shower or even celebrated an anniversary, there's little doubt that you have hundreds of pictures to share. Contact a company that duplicates DVDs, send in your photos and have a copy made for each person that you wish to thank. You can decorate the covers yourself, including the name of the celebrant and the date of the event. Be sure to include a personalized thank you note with each DVD that you send.

2. Jar of Goodies

Mason jar crafts are booming in popularity. One of the cutest, easiest things that you can do is to take a clear mason jar and fill it with colorful candies. Spray paint the tops of your jars in a bright, cheerful color. Add a decal with the recipient's first initial to the front of the jar, and tie a jaunty ribbon around the lid. Hand deliver your gifts and personally thank each recipient for attending your event.

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3. Cookies with Cutters

If you have a local dollar or craft store, spend an afternoon shopping for cheap, metal cookie cutters. Make a batch of chocolate chip cookies or chocolate brownies, lay your cookie cutters on a baking sheet and scoop your batter into each cookie cutter. When your treats are baked, they will conform to the shape of your cutter and stay inside. Wrap your treat in wax paper, add a beautiful ribbon and a thank-you tag. Deliver your delectable treats to friends and family as a way to express your gratitude.

4. Candles

If you've never made candles before, you're in for a surprise: They are amazingly simply to make. Visit an online candle-making shop and order melt-and-pour wax, wicks, scented oil and was coloring. Head to your local discount store and purchase a set of small mason jars. Follow the instructions in your wax, pour it into your jars, add a wick and wait for it to dry. Once your candles are dry, trim the wicks, screw on your lids and add a piece of raffia around the top.

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5. Seed Bombs

Seed bombs are ridiculously easy to make and well-loved by any recipient. With a bit of compost, clay and seeds, you can make these great little balls for everyone you wish to thank. Seed bombs can be planted or simply tossed in the garden; they'll grow either way. Make your bombs, put them in little boxes and wrap a ribbon around the box. Include a tag with instructions for “planting” the bombs and you've got the perfect thank-you gift.

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You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to thank your friends and family. These five wonderful gifts are all as fun to make as they are frugal. Use them as they are, or use them as a springboard to your own creativity. Your friends and family will be dutifully impressed by your thoughtfulness.

6 Fun and Frugal Thank You Gifts

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