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6 Best Gift Ideas for Sports Fans

6 Best Gift Ideas for Sports Fans

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Doesn’t it feel like sports fans already have everything?

The memorabilia, the gear, what else is there?

Whether it’s for their pro team, their college team, or their favorite player, there are always more ways to get creative with sports fans for any special occasion.

We all know someone whose entire life seems to revolve around sports.  Between football, basketball, hockey, golf, and every other sport on ESPN and ESPN2 (who even knew there was such a thing as Russian Motoball?)  these people just can’t seem to get their fill of sports. 

Maybe they like to get outside and muddy it up with a round of soccer or rugby, or even participate in extreme sports like cliff-diving, ice-climbing, surfing, or parkour. 

In any case, their love affair with all things sporting certainly makes it easy to find suitable gifts that feel personal.  The only real problem is narrowing down the possibilities to find the perfect gifts for sports fans.  Here are our top 5 choices, with our picks for the best places to buy quality and authentic sports fan gifts that should hit the mark, goal or score!

We’re going to look at 5 ideas to creatively gift the perfect thing to your favorite sports fans – every time.

Unique and Personalized Gifts for the Sports Fan 

1. Personalized Jerseys

Personalized jerseys are the way to go if your favorite fan already has every single one of their favorite players.

It also gives you the opportunity to let them know that you remembered their favorite number and really give them something personal.

Customized gifts are a wonderful touch, just remember to allow the appropriate amount of time when ordering so that you get your gift on time!

We love the company Fansidea for their  brand of custom jerseys because they are easy to order, offer group rates and have FREE shipping!

Team 1st Grade All-stars Sport Jersey T-shirt

2. Team Gear

We love a one stop shop for all things sports and have found that Fanatics is a great call to find something for everyone.

With a diverse collection of memorabilia and gear, you’ll be able to find something for the pickiest of sports fans.

Bradford Exchange Collectibles is also a great place to stop for gifts for sports lovers. Keep a look out for gifts for him because these are niche and very collectible gifts, the man, dad, or friend in your life will be very appreciative of this thoughtful gift. Read more about this site and what they offer in our our guide to The Bradford Exchange here. 

3. Tailgating Gear

Everyone loves a good tailgate party. A rite of passage for all loyal sports fans, you’ve got to go to the parking lot with the right gear.

This is why with Yeti Custom you cannot go wrong for 100% of sports fans. Let them bring their custom Yeti cooler and mugs to the tailgate and show it off next game day. Again, consider order times for custom items.

4. Tickets!

Maybe your sports-loving friend has a love for the game but hasn’t been to the game!

A good gift for a guy who loves sports is always tickets to his favorite team. Maybe make it an experience for the both of you and get two tickets to the best games of the season. Now Stubhub even offers parking passesmore on that here. 

5. Sporting Equipment

Let your favorite guy be a part of the game!

Get him some game equipment that he will absolutely LOVE! Shop online at your local Dick’s sporting goods for an array of options, gear, clothing and more.

A great gift for sports fans, even if you get them something you know they’ll love and a gift card online so they can go back for more.

6. Sports Memorabilia 

If you want to go all out and get a gift for the sports enthusiast in your life, you really can’t go wrong with real game gear.  Looking for something really special and have some money to put behind it?

Consider finding a one of a kind authenticated piece from your sports fans favorite team or athlete. At  at, the Web's leading source of authentic sports memorabilia, you'll find more than 500,000 authentic products from nearly every sport, team and top athlete. Top choices included signed photos, autographed baseballs, footballs and even game used jerseys. 




Sammy Sosa Chicago Cubs Autographed Baseball with "609 HR" Inscription - Autographed Baseballs





Now to get shopping and have the special gift ready just in time for their birthday, father's day, wedding anniversary, Christmas or other special occasion!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.