Las Vegas Image

Back to reality after a 5 day trip to Las Vegas with my brother. We had a great time and are still recovering from lack of sleep. We came home with a ton of free stuff from the Consumer Electronics Show. And unfortunately my brother didn’t win the jackpot gambling while I worked at Affiliate Summit Conference.

We did have time to see a few shows. My youngest daughter (the aspiring magician) would have loved to see Lance Burton. And the dancers in the Jubilee were very talented. Next time I visit, I’d like to see the Blue Man Group and/or Cirque du Soleil.

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I knew I’d be coming home with more than I packed, so packed another suitcase inside of my main suitcase. It ended up weighing over the 50 lb. limit, so we had to carry my make-up bag as a carry-on. My brother wasn’t as prepared as I was and literally had to lay on his suitcase to get it shut before leaving. But Security couldn’t get it shut at all and broke the zipper. Luckily, they had duct tape!