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From Retro to Modern: Inspiring Home Arcade Ideas

From Retro to Modern: Inspiring Home Arcade Ideas

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Remember the excitement of entering an arcade, surrounded by the mesmerizing lights and sounds of your favorite games? What if you could bring that thrilling experience right into your home? Welcome to the world of building your dream home arcade, where every button press is a trip down memory lane or an adventure into new realms. Let's embark on this exciting journey together!

Pool Table

Elevate your game room with the timeless allure of a pool table, embodying classic elegance that appeals to players of all skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a casual enthusiast, the pool table's versatility, ranging from 7′ to 9′ in size, ensures a perfect fit for any space.

Crafted with precision from slate or wood, these tables offer not just a game but a centerpiece that invites social gatherings and friendly competition. Starting at a reasonable $700, a pool table is not just a game but an investment in enduring entertainment.

Home Arcade Pool Table

Classic Video Games

Step into the realm of nostalgia with classic video game systems like Atari 2600 and Intellivision, bringing back the golden age of gaming. Beyond being a mere console, these vintage gaming companions offer a trip down memory lane, providing a chance to share the joy of iconic titles with family and friends.

With prices starting around $100, the allure of reliving childhood favorites becomes not just a pastime but a delightful journey through the pixelated landscapes of gaming history.

Home Arcade Classic Video games

Image by Nicolas IZERN from Pixabay

Arcade Video Games

Transform your home arcade room into a retro arcade wonderland with full-size arcade games, capturing the essence of classic arcades from the '80s. Unlike their predecessors, modern arcade video game systems come complete with dozens, even hundreds, of authentic games in a single unit.

With prices starting at $399, these nostalgic behemoths allow you to bring Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and more into your home, creating an immersive gaming experience for players of all ages.

Home Arcade Video Game


Embrace the simplicity and affordability of classic entertainment with a dartboard, a timeless addition to any game room. Whether you're a seasoned darts enthusiast or a novice looking for casual fun, a dartboard requires nothing more than a wall and a room measuring at least 5′ wide x 11′ in length.

Prices ranging from $25 to $50 for basic models, and up to $3,000 for a top-tier electronic dartboard. This classic game offers hours of interactive enjoyment without breaking the bank.

Franklin Sports Electronic Dart Board Set - Soft Tip Electric Dartboard with Digital Scoreboard + Cabinet - Adults + Family Set - (6) Darts Included - FS3000, Black

Air Hockey

Introduce fast-paced excitement into your game room with air hockey, a universally loved game that transcends age barriers. Available in tabletop versions, medium-sized tables, and full-size tournament regulation tables, air hockey adapts to your available space and preferences.

Prices vary from $50 to $1,400, offering a range of options to suit your budget and commitment to this energetic and engaging game. Bring family and friends together for hours of laughter and competition with this iconic arcade favorite.

Home Arcade Air Hockey Table

Shuffleboard Table

Embark on an indoor gaming adventure with a shuffleboard table, an often-overlooked gem in the world of game room options. Contrary to its outdoor counterpart, table shuffleboard brings a unique and low-impact activity indoors.

With lengths ranging from 9 feet to 22 feet, prices from $740 to $17,000 accommodate various budgets and room sizes. If you're seeking a distinctive addition that sets your game room apart, the shuffleboard table promises hours of friendly competition and entertainment.

Atomic 9’ Platinum Shuffleboard Table with Poly-coated Playing Surface for Smooth, Fast Puck Action and Pedestal Legs with Levelers for Optimum Stability and Level Play


Infuse your game room with retro vibes by introducing a jukebox, a classic option often underestimated in today's digital age. While vinyl and cassette-based music may be nostalgic, modern jukeboxes seamlessly blend digital and CD technology.

Prices start at $1,500, reaching up to $12,500 for premium Rock-Ola models. Elevate the ambiance of your game room with a carefully selected soundtrack, bridging the gap between classic aesthetics and contemporary convenience.

Arkrocket Full Size Jukebox Vinyl Record Player Bluetooth USB SD CD Player Radio Retro Turntable Classic Jukebox (Taurus II - Oak)

Games: Timeless Classics for All Ages

Dive into the world of timeless classics with board games, handheld video games, and other nostalgic favorites. From the charm of Parker Brothers to the electronic prowess of Mattel, these games have stood the test of time.

Prices ranging from $20 to $100, classic handheld games offer a mix of original relics and modern recreations. Ensuring that the magic of the '70s, '80s, and '90s lives on in your game room. Embrace the simplicity and enduring joy that these timeless games bring to every gathering.

Home Arcade Multiple classic board games


Curating the perfect home arcade room is a delightful journey that caters to diverse tastes and budgets. Whether you opt for the sophistication of a pool table, the nostalgia of classic video games, or the fast-paced excitement of air hockey, your game room is destined to become a hub of enjoyment for family and friends.

Embrace the world of indoor gaming, creating lasting memories in the comfort of your home. Elevate your leisure experience, one game at a time.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.