How to Buy the Best Electric Cooktops

Best Electric Cooktops

Cooking is a need and a part of the routine that many people do because they need to do it. However, there is a large number of people today who take cooking, and culinary arts as a real therapeutic activity and they love what they do. Thanks to the fancy food shows on television and competitions such as MasterChef, more people today have developed a love for not only cooking but upgrading their kitchen space to more modern look and with more advanced equipment so that they can enjoy their cooking experience in a much better way.

One of the key features of any kitchen is a cooktop. Your kitchen might still be functional without a lot of items, but cooktops are the backbone of your whole cooking ritual. Cooktops have evolved over a period of time, and one of the most advanced trends are the electric cooktops. Most modern kitchens incorporate electric cooktops primarily because they look super classy and beautiful in your kitchen.

Unlike the conventional ones, they do not look like an eyesore, and they tend to have a super sleek design. There are many variations of electric cooktops available today, so it is better than you do research some reviews of the top electric cooktops in the market. Buying an electric cooktop can be trickier for most newbies since there are many other elements involved that normal cooking ranges do not have. Here are some factors you should consider when buying an electric cooktop for yourself.


Like all other cooktops, the electric ones come in different sizes. Therefore, the first thing that you need to take into account is how much space you have in your kitchen and in between your slabs to fit the cooktop. A cooktop to small would mean you might be left with small empty nooks around the edges which can give you a real tough time with cleaning and maintaining your kitchen. Something too large will just not fit in. Other than that, the basic idea behind going for an electric cooktop for most people is to make their kitchens look aesthetically pleasing. You would not want to make such a huge investment and still end up buying something that becomes an eyesore.


Electric cooktops are available in different formats such as 2, 3 and five stoves. Price varies according to the number of cooking plates. Go for a larger size only if you have a large household or you host a lot of guests.

Maintenance and Economy

No matter how great your product is concerning functionality, it will require some maintenance. Likewise, electric cooktops consume electricity and will put a bit of dent on your utility bills. Pay attention to reviews regarding the maintenance requirements of the product and its energy consumption before investing in it.


The best thing about gas ovens is that there is a visual demonstration. You will never go and put your hand right on top of a burning stove in the middle of the flames. Unfortunately, this is not the case with electric tops since the flames are not visible. It is very much probable that you might place your hand on a hot cooktop and end up burning. This is particularly dangerous for households with pets and kids. Look for electric tops that are rated high in safety features.

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