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How To Furnish Your Dream House When On A Tight Budget

How To Furnish Your Dream House When On A Tight Budget

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You've never been so thrilled, but moving to your new house unearthed feelings and emotions, you never thought you'd experience. You now have a place you can call it home, or at least you would want to call it home, but when you step inside, and you see only bare white walls you have contradictory feelings because a home is supposed to feel cosy and welcoming. But nothing is welcoming to an empty house. And the problem at hand is not that you lack inspiration because you have plenty of ideas, but furniture and decorations are expensive. Purchasing the crib was already expensive, and you spent your savings, so now you don't really afford to invest in Pinterest inspired furniture. 

The good news is you're not the only homeowner with little left in your wallet, who has to furnish a house. It's time to get rid of the worries and welcome some creativity. You can stretch your tight budget to decorate the home to feel welcomed when you open the door. 

Here are some inexpensive tips for furnishing your house with little money


All successful projects start with research, and furnishing your house makes no exception. If you want to decorate your home and don't break the bank, you need to spend time researching. Register on Pinterest, scroll through interior design trends and styles and decide which one you prefer. Do you want a house that looks like a Tuscany villa?

Do you prefer minimalist apartments?

Are you more in art-deco elements?

Do you feel comfortable in a glam house?

Before checking furniture stores, determine what style you're aiming for because each has unique characteristics. Research the type of furniture typical for the style you like and hit the Internet to find stores that sell it. It will help you figure out how much individual pieces cost, and if buying new furniture fits your budget. 

Once you pick the style, make a list of fabrics, materials, colors, and critical elements, you're looking for. If you prefer the minimalistic style, you need furniture made from plain materials like steel, leather, wood, and clean shapes. 

Before browsing online stores, check local garage sales and attend auction events, as they usually provide high-quality furniture at cheap prices

Be Open-Minded

Only because you saved specific room layouts, it doesn't mean you need to look for identical pieces of furniture. You can find alternatives that work in the general idea of the room. With a little bit of love and customization, they'll fit your design perfectly.

When shopping for decorations and furniture, think about if they could work into your house by painting them in a different colour or slightly modified. 

It's pretty rare to find the exact items you see in interior design magazines. Some pieces are unique, and because you're working with a tight budget, you don't afford to hire a contractor to build them from scratch. But you can hit vintage stores and auction houses and find similar furniture items.

Only because a chair doesn't come in the deep blue you saved on Pinterest; it doesn't mean you cannot paint it. The general rule is when a furniture item is sold at a bargain price, you buy it and find ways to reupholster or repurpose it, to fit your house. 

Your imagination and creativity are your most valuable resources, so use them when looking for furniture. Perhaps an old wood box makes a suitable living room coffee table. Or maybe you can transform an old table into a vanity. 

Rent Appliances

Home appliances are some of the most expensive items when moving into a new house. But with little money available, you don't afford to get all the appliances you need for a comfortable home. Luckily with the advent of the Internet and the advance of the financing market, you can find alternatives that fit your budget. With websites that offer rent to own appliances, you can pick a financing plan that fits your budget.  

Make a list of appliances you need and choose a website that provides everything you need to make your kitchen and laundry the best they can be. With rent to own appliances, you make one affordable payment monthly and use top-notch equipment.  

Allow Friends and Family to Help

When working with a limited budget, you're in the hunt for cheap or free items. Don't be ashamed to tell your friends and family that you're looking for furniture for your new house because they may have things they want to toss and you can use. Only because they no longer use them, it doesn't mean they're not perfect additions to your house. You'll be surprised how many things people store in their garages, in top form, that wait for someone to find them a purpose. 

You may save your friends on a trip to the donation centre. Another way to get some free furniture and decorations is to host a housewarming party. Set up a registry on Amazon to let your guests know what household items you need. The party is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your new purchase and get some gifts. 

Second-Hand Stores Hide Gems

New furniture items are overrated. Buying everything new will bust your budget before furnishing a room. And while some new items are necessary, there are tons of second-hand pieces that would look exquisitely after a good refurbish or polish. Make a list of new items you need, and for all the others check local second-hand stores because they hide gems. From shelves, rugs, decorative items, books, and even a wine fridge. Always keep an eye on our local marketplace, thrift shops, and yard sales. Remember what Macklemore said, One man's trash, that's another man's come up.

Moving into your new house is an exciting time, but everyone knows it's also expensive. Luckily, with a little bit of creativity and help you can furnish your new home on a budget. Use the above tips to decorate your house and feel comfortable. 

How To Furnish Your Dream House When On A Tight Budget

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Tropical Homebuyers

Saturday 25th of July 2020

Wonderful article on how we can furnish our dream home in a small budget and this is the right place to read such articles.

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